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Wouldn’t it be great if all of your project information could be managed from Salesforce? Milestones PM+ is a feature-rich project management app that gives you 360-degree project visibility inside of your Salesforce environment. Customers who use Milestones PM+ improve project productivity insights and have more accurate scheduling. 

Save time on repeatable tasks and efforts, like onboarding, with preset templates. Templates dial in organizational knowledge around how long it typically takes to perform certain types of projects and how to approach them. Accurately inform your customers about progress on their projects. Ensure that everyone on your team is fully apprised of their next project or task assignment without overloading resources.

We’ve broken down some of the top issues project managers face: Managing internal projects, collaborating on external projects & client status reporting, project analytics, and Salesforce training for project management success.

Managing Internal Projects

What we can help with:

How customers have managed projects:

There’s lots of considerations when choosing a project management app, and seamless integration with Salesforce is an important one. Milestones PM+ is 100% Salesforce-native, with a free edition that includes to-do lists, Salesforce mobile app compatibility, and a variety of project creation options leveraging templates. Milestones PM+ Premium Edition has enhanced functionality including time tracking & approval, and resource management.

Finding available resources to work on new projects or urgent tasks can be difficult, especially if specific skills or credentials are required. Milestones PM+ Premium Edition has complete resource management functionality with a resource finder for determining the best available people, leveraging current workload and skills. The Premium Edition also allows you to review resource allocation for comparative analysis and reassignments.

Tracking logged hours on internal projects is critical to improving processes. Milestones PM+ Premium Edition has Enterprise-ready time entry and time approval on projects, tasks, or any object in Salesforce.

Improving your project management doesn’t have to stop at just your project management app though. To help rank projects or tasks, use Prioritization Helper to score records based on criteria you create. You can also have members vote on new projects to create. If projects and tasks start taking up too much space, use Storage Helper to automatically and safely delete old records.

Collaborate on External Projects & Client Status Reporting

What we can help with:

  • Create a project automatically based on actions a customer takes
  • Design project templates for customer onboarding, service projects, and more
  • Tracking billable and nonbillable time for customer projects
  • Save on licensing costs by collaborating with other non-Salesforce users and external resources
  • Mobile app support for users traveling or in the field

How customers have collaborated on external projects:

Create projects your way with Milestones PM+. Build single-use projects in one sitting with the Project Maker, or upload multi-purpose projects and templates with Instant Import. Reuse project templates for workflow automation or manual creation – by record type (internal, external), category (industry, location), criteria (team, department, function), purpose (onboarding, event planning), or any use case. With Milestones PM+ Premium Edition, you can even create projects from any record in Salesforce with the click of a button!

Keep clients in the loop on progress easily. You can assign external Salesforce contacts as a resource on tasks if needed. You can also have field team members access projects through the mobile app while on-site with a client. And similar to internal projects, find available resources and balance work loads to have no project left behind.

Project Analytics

What we can help with:

How customers have created reports:

Reports in Salesforce are simultaneously one of the best and worst things about the CRM: They provide comprehensive and detailed insights, but can be difficult to generate. Milestones PM+ Free Edition includes pre-built reports as frameworks to customize and build upon. Convenient Starter Packs include customizations to the app plus additional reports.

And if all of that isn’t enough, we offer more affordable tools to get the project data you need. The free app, Data Quality Helper, helps create a process that improves and elevates the quality of the  project and resource data in your organization. This helps to ensure key dates and important information is correctly logged, so you can feel confident that your projects will be completed without any mishaps. Rollup Helper is a free Salesforce app that can roll up information from objects that have a lookup relationship, such as Projects and Opportunities! You can also create cross-object formula fields, like Project Hours based on Opp quantity purchased. After creating cross-object rollups, another free Salesforce app Lookup Helper can automatically relate records of those two objects. While other project management tools leave you hanging on project analytics and customizing your workflow, we provide all the admin tools you need to get the job done.

Salesforce Training for Project Management Success

You’re an expert project manager who stays up-to-date on project management best practices. However, it’s difficult to do your job if you don’t have the foundations to understand Salesforce as well. 

Thankfully, Salesforce provides plenty of free training tools to learn more about the product. Practice in Trails to learn about products, or ask questions to other users through online communities or in person at events.

We can also help with training through Milestones PM+ starter packs to give admins and users training, as well as development services to craft a custom solution that fits your business.

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