Solutions for Nonprofit Companies

Not-for-profit companies are in a league of their own. Dealing with Donations instead of traditional Opportunities, and different types of Accounts complicates using Salesforce. Our apps and services can help with some of your biggest challenges: Creating reports to see if you're hitting mission results, improving data quality to ensure outreaches are accurate, and Salesforce-native project management to keep track of fundraisers and volunteers. Fortunately, our applications can help you manage your customized setup for your Salesforce organization.

No matter which app you choose, we offer 30% discounts for nonprofits. We want to help you with your cause by supplying affordable solutions!

Reports & Data Aggregation

Sometimes you don't have a full-time Admin, so you need reports and fields to be easy to set up and maintain.

Rollup Helper provides real-time, actionable data for your business processes. Results can be used in workflow rules, validation rules, or formula fields.  We have over 25 types of rollups you can create, including Advanced Currency Management, unique count, checkbox, and text to name a few. Plus, you can rollup between objects using a Lookup Relationship.

Lookup Helper can relate all of your important information for you! You can auto-populate lookups using record matching rules. Group data by time period, geography, or any other category.

There are some unique AppExchange apps that are designed to help nonprofits, like the Nonprofit Success Pack or volunteer trackers. Our apps will work with objects and fields provided by those apps without any customizations! Rollup Hard versus Soft Credits up to a Household, or do forecasting based on scheduled, recurring Donations.

Improving Data Quality

People liked to be followed up with differently, so it’s a good idea to get as much Contact information as you can so you have multiple options for reaching out. You might want to require a phone number for Contacts, or remind users to add addresses for mailings especially if this information is coming in from different users who might not have received the same training.

Having valid data is also important for making sure your efforts don't go to waste. You don’t want double the amount of time reaching out to duplicate Contacts, or splitting up Contacts between duplicate Accounts.

With Data Quality Helper, you have many more tools at your disposal far better than default Salesforce functionality. The app lets you create customizable rules for data validation and duplicate data resolution. 

Validation rules for any object can be soft or hard (allow or prevent save after the warning is presented) and your customizable warning and instructions could be displayed before or after the save — you establish the specific criteria for each rule you create. 

Duplicate data detection is based on the customized sensitivity matching you set for any object.

When your Salesforce users are shown a warning, the app empowers them to resolve the issue per your validation guidelines or merge data from potential duplicate records into a corrected master record, if needed.

Project Management

What we can help with:


How nonprofit customers have managed projects:

Wouldn’t it be great if all of your project information could be managed from Salesforce? Milestones PM+ is a feature-rich project management app that gives you 360-degree project visibility inside of your Salesforce environment. Customers who use Milestones PM+ improve project productivity insights and have more accurate scheduling. 

Save time on creating repeatable tasks and efforts, like annual fundraising events, with templates. Templates dial in organizational knowledge around how long it typically takes to perform certain types of projects and how to approach them.  Ensure that everyone on your team is fully aware of their next project or task assignment without overloading resources.

There's also a mobile app support for users to directly enter new Donations or Contacts while at an event, and time tracking of different employees or volunteers.

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