Save time and money with Milestones PM+ Starter Packs

Milestones PM+ is a highly customizable Salesforce app for project management – let our certified developers do the work for you!

Milestones PM+ Starter Packs are development service packages to enhance the out-of-the-box app and tailor it for your organization. Designed for all skill levels of Salesforce and Milestones PM+, Starter Packs focus on bringing project management success without exhaustive effort from your valuable time.

Milestones PM+ 101: an introductive course. Hands-on preparatory learning of Milestones PM+ in Salesforce.

2-Hour User Lesson teaches Salesforce users how to use Milestones PM+.

  • Standard functionality: Creating Projects, Milestones, and Tasks
  • Enhanced functionality: Creating Templates and Project-Related Reports; Time Entry Method.

2-Hour Admin Lesson teaches Salesforce admins how to customize Milestones PM+ for users.

  • Specialized setup: Custom Settings, Field Sets
  • Milestones PM+ setup: Project Creation Trigger; Cloning Projects, Milestones, and Tasks

Milestones PM+ Standard: the complete package. Fully-customized Milestones PM+ to accelerate adoption.

Milestones PM+ 101 training

Assembly of your fully-customized Milestones PM+ app by certified developers to create

  • Custom fields
  • A standard automatic project creation process (template, trigger, simple object-to-project transfer)
  • Initial templates, reports, and dashboards

Milestones PM+ Deluxe minimizes your input efforts and leads you down the road to prepared project management.

Milestones PM+ Standard

Project Data Migration: Total data migration to Milestones PM+ from any source including the Salesforce Labs app Milestones PM and Microsoft Project.

Not yet using Salesforce? No problem: Passage Technology can start your setup and get you ready for Salesforce success! Start your new journey on Salesforce with a transition strategy and dedicated development services.




101 Starter Pack


5 hours

Standard Starter Pack


10 hours

Project Data Migration


30 hours

Deluxe Starter Pack


40 hours

Project Kickoff Meeting
2 Hour MPM+ User Overview Session
  • Creating Projects, Milestones, and Tasks
  • Creating Templates
  • Creating Project Related Reports
  • Time Entry Methods
2 Hour MPM+ Admin Overview Session
  • Custom Settings
  • Project Creation Trigger
  • Field Sets
  • Cloning Projects, Milestones, and Tasks
Setup of 2 Project templates and 1 automatic Project creation trigger    
Setup of 2 reports and 1 dashboard    
Setup of Custom fields on Milestone PM+ Objects  
Project data migration to Milestones PM+    

Pick and choose your services with a Custom Starter Pack. Contact us for more information.

Admin Time is consistent among the starter packs and take account for client meetings, project setup, internal preparations, and other client/service-related work not considered development time. Pricing does not include purchase of the premium subscription. All terms and some conditions apply.

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