Rollup Helper
Rollup Helper

The Ultimate Salesforce Admin Productivity Tool

Get real-time information on your page layouts and spend less time trying to track down your data and creating unnecessary reports. Create roll-up summaries in Salesforce without hassle. Since Rollup Helper is not restricted with requiring a Master/Detail relationship between objects, roll-up summary fields in Salesforce are a breeze. With no "per user fees," Rollup Helper's unlimited user functionality makes it the ultimate Salesforce productivity tool!

Actionable real-time data for your business process

Rollup Helper brings real-time data to your fingertips. Whether your data is in a standard or custom object, or is part of a Salesforce or an AppExchange app, you now have the tool you need to get real-time, actionable data for your process.

Super-charge your org with capabilities that normally require extensive coding

With absolutely no coding required, Rollup Helper is an amazing accelerator for your admins, business analysts, and developers. The app can rollup millions of records in Salesforce and we've designed it to scale with your unique environments constraints. Stop coding where you don't have to and focus on your organization's key goals.

Build mission critical reports & trigger intelligent data-driven workflows

Use Rollup Helper to create data roll-ups that will provide insights you could never have before. With Rollup Helper, you can turn your data into information even for your most complex rollup scenarios. All data stays safe and secure in your org.

Rollup Helper Features

Rollup Helper is 100% Salesforce native and comes standard with:

  • Real-time and scheduled rollup functionality
  • Unlimited user and administrator access
  • Access to our excellent support staff
  • Support for Salesforce Lightning
  • Plus, all these free features

Upgrade to Rollup Helper Premium Edition for unlimited rollups and priority support routing. Want to learn more? Click here to take a tour.

Custom filtered Salesforce rollups

Easily create custom rollup filters in both the free and premium editions of Rollup Helper. These custom filters allow you to segment your data to fit your needs, whether they are simple or complex.

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