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Get around rollup limitations easily

Stop coding where you don't have to and focus on your organization's key goals. Rollup Helper is an amazing accelerator for your admins, business analysts, and developers. Rollups can be set up in as little as three steps, and are just as easy to maintain in the future.

Since Rollup Helper is not restricted to a Master/Detail relationship between objects, roll-up summary fields in Salesforce® are a breeze. Yes, this even includes rollups between objects with a lookup relationship and hierarchy rollups!

Unlock intelligent workflows and validation rules using rollups

With Rollup Helper, you’ll create data rollups that will provide insights like you’ve never seen before. And all of this information can be used in flows, validation rules, or formula fields. Get real-time information on your page layouts and spend less time trying to track down your data with unnecessary clicks or reports.

Easily create custom parent and child filters. You don’t need knowledge of SOQL to create the filters, and there’s over 30 pre-canned date filters to choose from. This way you only rollup the data you want.

The ultimate Salesforce® admin productivity tool

Whether your data is in a standard or custom object, or is part of an AppExchange application, your users can find relevant information in one spot. Sales can have their dashboards, and executives will know how KPIs are tracking without asking someone else.

But don't just take our word for it Rollup Helper has been installed in over 30,000 orgs, and has a 4.7 rating on the AppExchange with hundreds of five-star reviews!

Rollup Helper Free Edition includes

  • Three rollup settings
  • Unlimited user access (per org) - no "per user" fees!
  • Unlimited administrator access (per org)
  • Real-time and scheduled rollup functionality
  • Sum, max, min, average, and count rollups
  • Targeted/parent filter functionality
  • Checkbox and text rollups
  • Invocable rollups
  • Preview rollup results
  • Unique count rollups
  • Create custom filters without SOQL
  • Thirty pre-canned date filters
  • Support for standard and custom objects
  • Advanced currency management
  • Seamless integration with existing configurations
  • 100% Salesforce® native
  • Support for Salesforce® Classic and Lightning user interface
  • Access to our excellent support staff
  • Consistent access to stable releases
  Free Starter Premium
Number of Rollups 3 13 Unlimited
Support Email, live chat, and knowledge articles Priority response times Priority response times
Grandchild Rollup Requires 2 rollup settings Requires 2 rollup settings 1 rollup setting

Rollup Helper Paid Plans

New Customer Pricing

Premium Edition

$1,560/org/year This price only applies if you accept our standard agreements. Contact us if you need a customized quote at

Starter Edition

$780/org/year This price only applies if you accept our standard agreements. Contact us if you need a customized quote at

Rollup Helper Premium Edition features

Upgrade to Rollup Helper Premium Edition for unlimited rollups, grandchild rollups with one setting, priority support, plus all of the features in the Free Edition.

Interested in Rollup Helper?

Extend Rollup Helper even further with the Helper Suite Bundle

AppTile-LH AppTile-PH AppTile-RH AppTile-SH

Helper Suite is a bundle of Salesforce apps that are trustworthy, easy-to-use, and highly-rated on the AppExchange. Empower admins with Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper, manage Salesforce data with Storage Helper, and improve record details and decision-making with Prioritization Helper.

While each app is useful on their own, the whole is greater than the sum of their parts. Together, they take care of common problems faced by Admins, such as: Data Enrichment, Storage Space, Building & Running Reports, Salesforce User Adoption, and Industry Compliance like GDPR.

The Helper Suite bundle includes special discount pricing for the Premium Editions of Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, Storage Helper, and Prioritization Helper. Available in single- and multi-year subscriptions, Helper Suite apps are 100% Salesforce native and Lightning-ready.

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Update Salesforce Individual records for GDPR with Free Salesforce rollup field data app Rollup Helper
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