Milestones PM+
Milestones PM+ Overview video

Flexible Pricing

When you install Milestones PM+ Free Edition, you get access for your ENTIRE org to run project management in Salesforce, provided that your users already have assigned Salesforce licenses. There are no additional per-user fees charged by Passage Technology as your company grows or adds business units into Salesforce.

When you upgrade to Milestones PM+ Premium Edition, you select which plan best fits your needs – a per-user basis or unlimited users for your org.

Contact us with any questions or to upgrade to Milestones PM+ Premium Edition.

Create Projects From Templates

Create projects in Salesforce automatically by importing a project template file. No more creating projects manually from the ground up; ensure consistent project execution! You can create a project template file easily by exporting any project you've created in Milestones PM+ using the export button. With our Milestones PM+ Premium Edition Advanced Project Template feature, you can export and import your projects with ease and include all custom fields in your templates.

Create Projects From A Button Anywhere in Salesforce*

Milestones PM+ allows users to create projects from any record on any object in a single click. This feature saves users time and resources by allowing them to easily create projects anywhere in Salesforce.

Customizable Project Management

Milestones PM+ is 100% native to Salesforce and it is fully customizable. Milestones PM+ comes with free project management features that can be quickly customized by your Salesforce administrator. With Milestones PM+ installed into your org, you will get immediate 360-degree visibility to all of your programs, projects, milestones, tasks, time, risks and issues – right from within your company's CRM. See our feature list or request a demo to learn more. With our product, there is no compromise, and you can design the product to meet 100% of your PM workflow needs. Milestones PM+ is supported from Professional Edition on up.

Automatic Project Creation

Using Milestones PM+ , you can natively create a project from a template off of any object in Salesforce (e.g. opportunity) using a simple copy and paste trigger – no code needed!

Easily Upgradeable

Milestones PM+ keeps up to date with each version of Salesforce so that you don't have to and we always test our releases with the latest versions of Salesforce before we release. Our PM solution is always compliant with the latest functionality that Salesforce releases (e.g Lightning Experience).

Fantastic Support

We partnered with Salesforce to be the go-to partner to offer paid support for Milestones PM. When you need some support for the product or your implementation, we are just a phone call or quick email away through our online support group or by signing up for a service plan.


We understand that some of the most valuable information about your business is stored in Salesforce. Milestones PM+ can securely and professionally handle your important project plans, without having to worry about the dependability or stability of the application. Our team works diligently to ensure the integrity of our applications, so you don't have to.

Choose the Right Version

If you're just getting started with project management in Salesforce, we highly recommend that you start to use Milestones PM+ Free Edition; not only is it free but it's continuously enhanced by Passage Technology, whereas the Milestones PM version that Salesforce created is no longer updated, bug prone, and not supported on the latest Salesforce versions (e.g. api). Learn more about the differences between Milestones PM+ and the older Salesforce app Milestones PM. You can also upgrade to Milestones PM+ Premium Edition.

*Available for purchase via Premium Edition Upgrade

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