Milestones PM+
Milestones PM+ Overview video

360-degree visibility

Milestones PM+ includes a Project Calendar, whose display can be customized, and Gantt charts for Programs, Projects, and Milestones.

Build native Salesforce reports and dashboards to show project progress and outcomes for clients and internal stakeholders.

Create workflows for Tasks with any automation.

Mobile-friendly project management for the Salesforce app on Android and iOS.

Flexible Pricing

Milestones PM+ Free Edition is available to all users with a Salesforce license in your org. No per-user fees ever! Milestones PM+ Premium Edition is available per-user and org-wide. Contact us with any questions or to upgrade to Milestones PM+ Premium Edition.

Data security and performance reliability

Milestones PM+ and all Passage apps keep up to date with Salesforce, diligently testing with the latest versions before releasing Milestones PM+ updates, ensuring app stability and security. Read about Passage Technology app security.

Salesforce Project Management

Milestones PM+ is free project management for Salesforce. 100% Salesforce native and easily customizable, Milestones PM+ is a free AppExchange app for all Salesforce clouds (Professional and up) with complete org access for unlimited users. Instant 360-degree visibility to projects, tasks, programs, milestones, time, risks and issues, and resources provides better project management right in your CRM.

Passage Technology partnered with Salesforce in 2012 to provide a managed, supported version of the Salesforce Labs app, Milestones PM. Today, we continue to add features and functionality to the app and offer convenient Milestones PM+ Starter Packs.

Learn about the differences between Milestones PM+ and Milestones PM.

Has COVID-19 forced your employees to work remotely? Milestones PM+ can help the transition from in-office to at-home (and back).

  • Visibility to productivity with Time Tracking.
  • Roadmap planning to explore alternatives for standard operations.

Create Projects anywhere in Salesforce

Create Projects from Salesforce records. Save time by easily creating new projects with the click of a button* or using a template with no code required.

Create Projects from templates. Deliver consistent projects with Milestones PM+ by importing an external template file or exporting an existing Milestones PM+ Project. Advanced Project Template* functionality exports and imports customizations including custom fields to project templates.

Dependencies and Dates

Tasks and Milestones can be dependent on each other and scheduled to include or exclude weekends. Shifting dates in Milestones PM+ can automatically cascade related dates.

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