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Salesforce Admins have a lot on their plates — from improving business processes, to being in charge of Salesforce user adoptions, all while trying to keep up with Salesforce updates like Multi-Factor Authentication. We can help you streamline your operations and workload to work smarter, not harder, while empowering other internal Salesforce users to help themselves. 

We've broken down some of the top problems Admins face and how to solve them with clicks and not code: Getting around rollup limitations, creating reports with data aggregation, improving data quality, being GDPR compliant, and cleaning up unused data to save on storage costs.

Getting Around Rollup Limitations

Rollups in Salesforce are useful for organizing data specifically to your needs. But there are frustrating limitations, like a cap of 25 rollups per object, needing a Master-Detail relationship, and the inability to include cross-object formula fields in rollup summary filters.  

That’s why we created Rollup Helper! Whether your data is in a standard or custom object or an AppExchange application, Rollup Helper provides real-time, actionable data for your business process. Results can be used in workflow rules, validation rules, or formula fields.  We have over 22 types of rollups you can create, including Advanced Currency Management, unique count, checkbox, and text to name a few. Plus, you can rollup using a lookup relationship.

Since Rollup Helper can rollup information between objects with a lookup relationship, use Lookup Helper to relate your objects automatically by matching field values or ID names. 

Reports & Data Aggregation

Department leaders and C-suite executives like the detailed reporting Salesforce can give them, but creating reports can be time consuming if you have to make new formula fields to get the data you want. At the same time, you wish you could see all relevant information on a record without having to click around to related objects. 

Lookup Helper can relate all of your important information for you! Your users will be able to easily find relevant information by using standard Salesforce related lists and lookup hover-over capabilities. You can auto-populate lookups using record matching rules. Group data by time period, geography, or any other category.

Rollup Helper boosts reporting capabilities with cross object rollups, and custom filters allow you to rollup data to a centralized object. You can even use results to trigger intelligent data-driven workflows. 

Wouldn’t it be great if all team members were on the same page about which items should be tackled first? Prioritization Helper is a tool to help enable your critical business decisions. Individuals and groups can score records inside of Salesforce Objects. This way Sales will know which opportunities to attack first, and IT will know which bugs to fix urgently. And if your priorities change, the priority scores can be updated in real time.

Improving Data Quality

Everyone working in a business has a vested interest in high quality data, from leadership to staff. It’s difficult to do a good job without it, and the business suffers. Data quality is especially important to getting a proper ROI from an investment in Salesforce. Certainly, everybody plays a role in elevating data quality, but the Salesforce Admin is uniquely positioned to play a large, important role.

Establishing a comprehensive, repeatable, standardized process for data creation and maintenance for all users can go a long way toward fixing existing data issues and preventing the creation of new ones. Users could follow a uniform set of rules. When issues are identified by the process, users should be empowered to act. They are the ones closest to the data and most likely to know how to properly address data problems. You, as the Admin, likely don’t have the specific data answer—but you can create the environment and the process that aids the generation of high quality data.

With the Data Quality Helper app, you have many more tools at your disposal, far better than default Salesforce functionality. The app lets you create customizable rules for data validation and duplicate data resolution. With clicks not code, you can create the data quality process that meets the unique needs of your particular business.

  • Validation rules for any Object can be soft (allow a save) or hard (prevent a save), and your customizable warnings and instructions could be displayed before or after the save—you establish the specific criteria for each rule you create. 
  • Duplicate data detection is based on the customized sensitivity matching you set for any standard or custom Object.
  • When your Salesforce users are shown a warning, the app empowers them to resolve the issue per your validation guidelines or merge data from potential duplicate records into a corrected master record, if needed.

GDPR Compliance

Data protection and privacy laws like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) are becoming more common, so you want your company to have the best practices for data privacy for everyone. Thankfully Salesforce has created an Individual object to help you keep track of an individual’s data privacy preferences.

Customizing and using the Individual object according to your business will help you honor your customer’s wishes regarding how their data is stored and used, and when it needs to be deleted. The "Right to be Forgotten" applies when a customer no longer wishes for you to retain data about them, you no longer have a legal basis for processing, or when it’s no longer necessary to keep their data. You can delete an Individual and its related records with Storage Helper.

Data Cleanup

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What our customers have to say:

  • "We got in a bind with Salesforce data storage limits and what a pain it is to identify the excess attachments and delete them easily. [Storage Helper] handled our issue perfectly and freed up our excess data overages" - Ty, AppExchange review.

Old or outdated data in your Salesforce org makes it difficult for your users to find the information they actually want. Plus, it's expensive to pay for more Salesforce storage.

Storage Helper safely mass deletes data for any standard or custom objects, helping reduce your Salesforce data storage costs. Storage Helper backs up all of the Salesforce records that it deletes to a .csv file before the deletion occurs. As an added level of security, it gives you the ability to preview your records before running the Storage Recycle Job, so you can verify that you’ve selected the correct criteria.

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