Authority to prioritize work for a service and evaluate work for completeness and desirability.
Determine the demand for services offered by a firm and its competitors.


  • Establish service strategy and framework for making decisions.


  • Create and prioritize the work backlog.
  • Ensure service delivered meets customer needs.
  • Perform pull request review on all changes submitted for the service.
  • Review scenarios to ensure alignment with goal of the work item.
  • Identify missing scenarios upon code review of pull requests.
  • Provide feedback to developers on whether code is clean or will result in side effects.
  • Help remove impediments to progress.


  • Publish new releases according to the release management process.
  • Ensure all necessary documentation is current. For example:
    • User Guides
    • Support Knowledge Articles
    • Website Content
    • Email Content
    • Support Communities


  • Facilitate an atmosphere of cohesiveness and focused collaboration between all members of the team.

Location(s): Work From Home; Nationwide (All 50 States)

Skills/Specialties: Kanban, Scrum, Product Management

Certifications: Certified Salesforce Developer I

Job Status: Full-Time

Education: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

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