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**Revised and Updated for 2024**

Streamline Your Work and Empower Other Salesforce Users

The business cycle has always rewarded those who embrace change, and the pace of change can be dramatically quick.

Salesforce Admins and Developers must be prepared, when extending the platform, driving growth, and/or achieving cost savings.

  • Rebooting the Admin Role — How to work smarter, not harder
  • Elevating Data Quality — For all Salesforce Objects to create better business outcomes
  • Reviewing Data Storage — Refresh and improve strategy and productivity
  • Empowering Salesforce Users — Admins don't need to do it all

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  • Project Leaders — Effective project management is a competitive advantage, saving on resources and reducing costly delays.
  • Decision Makers — Improve strategic decision making when it comes to planning, execution, and hiring.

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