Reinventing Your Business, Reimagining Your Salesforce®

**Revised and Updated for 2024**

Extend Salesforce's Capabilities to Improve Customer Experiences and Achieve Business Goals

With the right apps, Admins and Developers can manage data in transformative ways—all without time-consuming coding that requires ongoing maintenance. Give every person in your organization easy, real-time access to the fullest view of your customers. Accelerate growth, efficiency, and cost-savings.

Learn key ways to:

  • Enhance information acquisition and sharing
  • Create real-time, actionable reports
  • Maintain clean records and manage data storage strategy
  • Elevate data quality
  • Develop more efficient training and user adoption

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From our series: Reinventing Your Business, Reimagining Your Salesforce
  • Salesforce Admins and Developers — Selecting the right Admin Apps and End-User apps can make a huge difference.
  • Project Leaders — Effective project management is a competitive advantage, saving on resources and reducing costly delays.
  • Decision Makers — Improve strategic decision making when it comes to planning, execution, and hiring.

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