Using the Helper Suite to be GDPR Compliant


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You do business in the EU and you want to be GDPR compliant, but information about your users are in different spots. Your email opt-outs are stored in your email marketing system, up-to-date contact information is in Salesforce, and you get conflicting information for the same contact through different leads (For example, a prospect says not to contact them when they watch a recorded demo, but subscribes to your newsletter next time when they download an ebook). 


You can use Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper to keep your users' contact information up-to-date and in one place, and then use Storage Helper to delete information when needed. 

First, use Lookup Helper to automatically relate Contact, Lead, Personal Account, Community User and other objects to the Individual object. Note that the Individual object must first be enabled in your org.
To enable the use of the Individual object: Setup>Data Protection and Privacy>Edit>Make data protection details available in records>Save. Once you have saved, add the Individual field to Lead, Contact, or Person Account page layouts.

Contact record with individual field


Then, use Rollup Helper to rollup information like Email Opt-outs, and Do Not Calls. You can use filters to rollup the most recent responses about communication. 

Individual record with contact


Under GDPR, people have a right to be forgotten. You can setup Storage Helper to delete a user entirely. There are other industry regulations that may require you to hold information for a certain amount of time, so you can use Storage Helper to delete information as soon as you're allowed to. You're even able to backup deleted records, in case of emergencies. Once your deletion criteria is defined, jobs can be run manually, on a scheduled basis, or after a Salesforce data backup. 

If you want more detailed steps on any of these sections, check out these how-to guides:

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