Sales Rep Reporting

Sales Rep Reporting

Have you ever wanted one convenient location to track monthly sales rep performance or even a sales leader board?  Check out the Sales Rep Reporting Months use case for Helper Suite. This is an excellent combination of Lookup Helper and Rollup Helper with some Custom Objects and creativity.


View Available Personnel in a Geographical Area


As an inbound call center rep, I need to quickly and easily find available resources within the geographical location of the customer.


Use Lookup Helper to relate your custom geographical record to your custom personnel object, then use Rollup Helper to display the 1st available representative.  This use case is highly adaptable, but for documentation Zip Code and Field Rep are the Custom Objects being used.

This use case assumes that there is a checkbox on the Field Rep record for “Available” and a text field for the Zip Code “Assigned To”.


First, create a custom lookup field on Field Rep that looks up to Zip Code, then create a Lookup Helper Setting to populate Zip Code:

  1. Select Child Object:  Field Rep

  2. Select / Create Lookup Field to be Used

    1. Maintain Existing Lookup Relationship

    2. Zip Code

  3. Select Lookup Helper Setting Type

    1. Lookup Helper Setting Type: Field matches Name/Id

    2. Select field on Field Rep to match the name/Id of a Zip Code record: Assigned To

  4. Save and Run the Lookup Helper setting and enable real time on Field Rep.

Next, create a text field on Zip Code:  Available Rep

Create a rollup with Rollup Helper displaying the name of the first available rep:

  1. Select Destination Object:  Zip Code

  2. Select Target Field:  Available Rep

  3. Select Source Field

    1. Which object would you like to use as the source:      

      1. Child Object: Field Rep

      2. Select Relationship: Zip Code - Field_Rep__c.Zip_Code__c

    2. Which field on Field Rep should we use as a source:

      1. Field Rep Name

      2. Select Type: Text

Create a new filter:  First Available

  1. Enter Filter Name:  

    1. First Available

    2. Limit to 1 record

  2. Specify Sort Order (You can use whatever field makes the most sense for your process.)

    1. Record ID

    2. Ascending

  3. Specify Filter Criteria

    1. Deleted = False (Default)

    2. Available = True

Save and Run the rollup.

This use case can be extended by rolling up the results from Zip Code to Account. For further assistance with this use case, schedule a one-on-one demo.

How are you identifying specific people in a geographic region at your company?  Please share in the comment section below.


Top Use Case: Assign Child Record To Owner Of Parent Record

If you have a need to automatically assign child records to the owner of the parent record, look no further for a solution! With Lookup Helper you are able to set a custom or standard user lookup field for a record automatically by referencing information available on a parent record.

Steps to create Lookup Helper Setting:

  1. Select the child object you would like to assign to a user automatically.
  2. Select the user lookup field you would like to automatically populate.
  3. Select the 'Relate child object when the value in a field matches the name/id of the user' Lookup Helper setting type.
  4. Select the parent lookup field (containing the '>' at the end of the field label) that contains the owner you would like to assign to the child.
  5. After selecting the parent lookup field select the user lookup field on the parent object.
  6. Save the setting.

Top Use Case: Create Lead Source Campaigns

Lookup Helper can automatically create lead source campaigns, and relate your leads directly to the correct lead source campaign. With this relationship in place you can see a related list of all of the leads that have come into your system for any given lead source, you may also use our Rollup Helper application to aggregate important lead information to the lead source campaign record.

Steps Required:

  1. Navigate to the Lookup Helper Menu and press the 'Create Lookup Helper Setting' button.
  2. Select Lead as the child object.
  3. Select the create new lookup relationship option and create the new Campaign lookup field.
  4. Choose the 'Relate Lead when the value in a field matches the name/id of the Campaign' Lookup Helper setting type.
  5. Select the Lead Source field.
  6. Click the 'Create category if it doesn't already exist' check box.
  7. Populate any field values into the new Campaign that may be created (optional).
  8. Save the setting.

Top Use Case: Display Related List Of Grandchild Records On The Parent Record

Have you ever wanted to see a list of related grandchild records when viewing a parent record in Salesforce? A simple example of this would be to display a related list of Cases or Opportunities created for all child Accounts at the parent Account level.

Creating this relationship manually may be very difficult because the parent Account name may be unknown at the time of Case or Opportunity creation. What ends up happening is your users spend unnecessary time trying to figure out if there is a parent account, and if so which account it is.

Save this wasted time and let Lookup Helper set these relationships automatically so your users no longer have to!

Top Use Case: Eliminate Your Marketing Automation Tool

Why spend tens of thousands of dollars on a Salesforce marketing automation tool when Lookup Helper, in addition to a few other applications (like Rollup Helper and MailChimp), can do the same thing for a quarter of the price?

With Lookup Helper, you will be able to directly link your Leads/Contacts to a Campaign. You may then use Rollup Helper to aggregate valuable information to the Campaign record, and MailChimp to send Campaign specific emails to those Leads/Contacts.

Top Use Case: User Performance Metric Records

Are you tired of creating a ton of reports and dashboards in Salesforce to retrieve information about user performance, or unable to obtain some of the information through reports?

With Lookup Helper, you can easily create user performance category records, and find all the information you are looking for in one place! Lookup Helper lets you decide what type of granularity your user performance records need to be at (all time, this year, this quarter, this month, etc). All that is required is a simple formula field that specifies what category the record will fall under.

In the example below I will display a formula field used to categorize closed/won Opportunities by user and the year it was closed (the same thing can be done for tasks, products sold, etc).

Example of formula field required:

IF( TEXT(StageName) == 'Closed Won', Owner.FirstName & " " & Owner.LastName & " - " & TEXT(YEAR(CloseDate)), null)



Top Use Case: Set Queue Custom Object on Any Standard Object

One of the big limitations in Salesforce is the inability to set queues on Standard Objects other than Case or Lead. To overcome this limitation, one of things you will need to do is to create a custom queue object to link each object to. To do, this you will need to use Lookup Helper to set the queue for each record.