Are there resources available to help set up and learn Milestones PM+?

Use our admin guide to get more familiar with Milestones PM+. If you require professional assistance with your setup or technical support, please purchase our support & upgrade plan here.

Do you have an end-user training manual?

For setting up the application, please use the admin guide. For workflow-related questions and how to enable certain business processes, you will need our consulting services available through our Upgrade and Support Plan.

Do you have a recorded demo or overview?

Yes, here is the recorded demo.

What is the difference between Milestones PM+ Free Version & Milestones PM+ Premium Edition?

We have a summary of the differences documented here.

Does Milestones PM+ have feature XYZ?

To see if Milestones PM+ has the feature you are looking for, please review the rest of the content on our website, watch the demo video, or check out our feature list.

What version do I need to install? What licenses are required?

We support the Professional Edition* of Salesforce on up through Unlimited Edition, this includes any special editions. Your users just need a CRM license, Sales Cloud or Service Cloud license, or a platform license available from your Salesforce account executive. If you have a chatter plus license, those should work as well. No licenses need to be purchased from Salesforce for the free, base version of the Milestones PM+ application. Once you get this version installed, check out our add-ons or consider our support & upgrade plan here if you need professional technical support. *While our app is compatible with Professional Edition, you will not be able to automatically create a project from any record in Salesforce unless you have the ability to author apex in your org.

How well does the app integrate with Salesforce?

Milestones PM+ is 100% native to Salesforce, so you can integrate most any Salesforce object (standard or custom) with our app. For example, if you want to create a project from an opportunity, you can do this in Milestones PM+.

What do I get with the free version of Milestones PM+?

You get basic program, project, milestone, task, risk management, issue management, calendar, and gantt functionality in Milestones PM+. You can also create project templates (with some limitations) and use them to create new projects. There is summary tab that will allow you to search for projects or view a dashboard of each project. If you go with our support plan, we can help you to implement more advanced configurations and customizations such as setting up Milestones PM+ to use our built in trigger to automatically generate a project from a template or customizing the gantt chart. Our Premium Edition unlocks all the premium features that the free version doesn't have.

What is your release process?

Our release process typically provides 3 stable releases per year. We publish release notes here.

Does your app work for external users?

Yes! Please contact Passage Technology to learn more about enabling this functionality for your org.

How does Resource Assignment allow non-Salesforce users to update their tasks?

Resource assignment does not allow non-Salesforce users to update their tasks simply by installing MPM+. In order for non-Salesforce users to have the ability to update data in Salesforce, they will need to be assigned to a Salesforce license. There are various licenses available to purchase and Passage Technology can help you to work with your Salesforce Account Executive (AE) to identify the right licenses.

Does Passage Technology own Milestones PM?

No. Milestones PM is a Salesforce Labs-owned application.

What is the difference between Milestones PM+ and Milestones PM?

Milestones PM is an unmanaged package by Salesforce Labs. Milestones PM+, by Passage Technology, is a managed package on the Salesforce AppExchange. Because we are keeping the code up to date, you don’t have to worry about new Salesforce releases or other changes in your org ‘breaking’ the code.