Are there resources available to help set up and learn Milestones PM+?

Use the Milestones PM+ Admin Guide to get more familiar with Milestones PM+. If you require professional assistance with your setup or technical support, we offer affordable Milestones PM+ Starter Packs.

Do you have an end-user training manual?

For setting up the application, see the Milestones PM+ Admin Guide. For workflow-related questions and how to enable certain business processes, you will need our consulting services available with our convenient Milestones PM+ Starter Packs.

Do you have a recorded demo or overview?

Yes. Click here to view the demo video.

What is the difference between Milestones PM+ Free Version & Milestones PM+ Premium Edition?

We have a summary of the differences documented here.

Does Milestones PM+ have feature XYZ?

See the Milestones PM+ feature list or watch the recorded demo video.

What edition of Salesforce do you support? What licenses are compatible with Milestones PM+?

We support the Professional Edition of Salesforce on up through Unlimited Edition; this includes any special editions. Your users just need one of the following license types assigned:

  • CRM license – For anyone who needs both a Sales Cloud or Service Cloud license + read/update your project data in Milestones PM+.
  • Employee Apps Plus (Salesforce Platform license) – For anyone who needs to read/update your project data in Milestones PM+, as well as for additional custom applications and objects.
  • Chatter Plus license – For anyone who needs to read/update your project data in Milestones PM+ as well as for chatter license.
  • Milestones PM+ User licenses – For anyone not yet licensed using the above license types who needs direct access to login to Salesforce and update your project data in Milestones PM. Contact us for a quote.

How well does the app integrate with Salesforce?

Milestones PM+ is 100% native to Salesforce, so you can integrate any Salesforce object (standard or custom) with our app. For example, if you want to create a project from an opportunity, you can do this in Milestones PM+.

What do I get with the free version of Milestones PM+?

You get basic program, project, milestone, task, risk management, issue management, calendar, and Gantt functionality in Milestones PM+. You can also create project templates (with some limitations) and use them to create new projects. There is a summary tab that will allow you to search for projects or view a dashboard of each project. If you go with our support plan, we can help you to implement more advanced configurations and customizations, such as setting up Milestones PM+ to use our built in trigger to automatically generate a project from a template, or customizing the Gantt chart. Our Premium Edition unlocks all the premium features that the free version doesn't have.

What is your release process?

Our release process typically provides 3 stable releases per year. See published release notes.

Does your app work for external users?

Yes! Contact us to learn more about enabling this functionality for your org.

How does Resource Assignment allow non-Salesforce users to update their tasks?

Resource assignment does not allow non-Salesforce users to update their tasks simply by installing Milestones PM+. In order for non-Salesforce users to have the ability to update data in Salesforce, they will need to be assigned to a Salesforce license. There are various licenses available to purchase and Passage Technology can help you to work with your Salesforce Account Executive (AE) to identify the right licenses.

How do I use the Program object?

The Program Object is an optional parent object to project, and it is not a necessary part of the data hierarchy. A program can be used to group similar projects, or projects executed by the same team together, where they can be viewed on a single Gantt chart from the Program detail page. This object is used by creating a program record and then typing that name in the program lookup field on the project record.

How do I set up Time Entry?

In order to get started using Time Entry, first navigate to the Time Tracking Settings tab, and set the objects you would like to track time against. The list views available on the Time Entry tab are the same as the list views on the Salesforce tab of the object, and they can be configured from the tab for the object in Salesforce.

How do I make Resources?

Resources are created automatically for Users in your org upon install of the app. If you are missing a resource for a user, or need a resource record created for a contact, you can do so using the Resource tab in Salesforce. If you need Resources created in bulk, contact us to submit a request.

How do I create a Project template?

A project template is created by creating all the project records, milestones, and tasks you would want to be in the template within Salesforce first. Make sure to define the names of the records and the start/end dates at a minimum.

Do not fill out any additional fields that you would not want to be populated when the project is created from the template.

Once this is done, use the Export Template button found on the Project detail page. This will bring you to a page where you can name your XML template, and put it in a folder to keep them organized. Be sure to put in a folder that would be visible to all users who would need to create a project from the template.

Are there any reports?

There are seven pre-built reports:

  • Daily Resource Utilization
  • Weekly Resource Utilization
  • Project Report - no filter, displays all project information
  • Project Report - a custom button can be created to display a report of the project where the button is located
  • Task Metrics - can be added to the page layout for a project to display task information
  • Time Entry - by week and user
  • Time Entry - displays all time entries

However, since Milestones PM+ uses Salesforce custom objects, they are all fully reportable using Salesforce’s reporting functionality. If you would like assistance with setting up any Salesforce Reports, we offer affordable Development Services including convenient Milestones PM+ Starter Packs.

What About Document Management?

Document management is not really a feature built into Milestone PM+, but you can use Salesforce document management features (Quip, Salesforce Content, Chatter files, Notes and Attachments, etc) to get more functionality in this space.

How can I make the Gantt Chart bigger?

If you are using Lightning, the default lighting layout is not as wide as a Classic page layout, so the Gantt chart’s size is limited horizontally. However, it is possible to create a new lighting page for the Milestones PM+ project object. If you use a single column layout with no sidebar, it will have a similar look to Classic, with more width available for the chart.

It is also possible to edit the detail page layout and click the gear icon for the Gantt chart component. There will be an option to increase the vertical height available to the chart.

What do the colors on the Gantt chart mean?

The default colors for the Gantt chart bars are as follows:

Grey: Start Date out in the future

Blue: After Start Date, before End Date, not completed

Green: Completed on time before End Date

Red: After End Date, not yet completed

What do the red lines mean on the Gantt chart?

The red lines represent dependencies between the items in the Gantt. These dependencies are defined by filling out the Predecessor field on the record the red line originates from.

Is it possible to use a Project Template across environments?

As long as the custom setting called “Keep Template Assignments” was turned off when the template was created, they can be used across environments. Otherwise the ID to the record owners will be saved in the template, and their ID would not be the same in another environment, which would cause the import to fail.

How do I assign an Owner to a Project Task?

This is done through the Resource lookup field. Project Task shares a master-detail relationship with the Milestone object. It is the detail object so it does not have its own Salesforce owner. A resource record represents a user or a contact from your org. Upon install, a resource record is created for all users in the environment. If a new resource record is needed, it can be created from the Resource tab.

How do predecessor/successor dependencies work?

Predecessor/successor dependencies are used to depict that one item relies on the completion of another item in order to continue work. If a predecessor Milestone or Task is shifted (a "Date Shift"), the successor Milestone or Task will be shifted over the same number of days. What we mean by a "Date Shift" is that both the start and end dates are shifted by the same number of days.

In order to enact a "Date Shift" at the Milestone level that cascades down to its Tasks, both the start date AND end date have to shift by the same number of days. If just the start date is shifted, this will not influence the Task dates on the updated Milestone. Please note that when the end date on the Milestone is shifted, then the successor Milestones will also have their dates changed and their Tasks' dates will also change.

Predecessor Limitations

  • A Project Task can only have one Task predecessor. If you wish to have a Task linked to multiple Task predecessors, we recommend that you group the Tasks that are the predecessors into one Milestone and make that Milestone a predecessor Milestone to a Milestone that contains the downstream Task in question. If you still require further customization of this default behavior, please contact us to see about getting this new feature implemented into our product.
  • A Project Milestone can only have one predecessor Project Milestone. If you still require further customization of this default behavior, please contact us to see about getting this new feature implemented into our product.
  • A Project Task can only become a predecessor Project Task if it is on the same Milestone as the successor Project Task. If you still require further customization of this default behavior, please contact us to see about getting this new feature implemented into our product.

What are Parent/Child Milestone Relationships?

Parent/Child relationships are created by using the ’Parent Milestone’ lookup field on the Milestone Object. The ‘Parent Milestone’ lookup field may be beneficial when you need to create a grouping of milestones that belong to another Milestone. Unlike the Predecessor/Successor relationship, the Parent/Child relationship does not denote that a parent must be completed before the child can begin. In addition, the Parent/Child relationships do not display on the gantt chart like the Predecessor/Successor relationships do.

Note: the ‘Parent Milestone’ field is not required; if not used, the only downstream impact is that some of the Rollup Summary fields on the Milestone Object will not be calculated.

Will Milestones PM+ Interfere with my Other Applications or Deployments?

No, in general Milestones PM+ runs in its own “namespaced” managed package.

Managed package code is not included in the required code coverage calculation for deployment. The 75% requirement is on all Apex code in your org's namespace. Managed code has its own namespace, so it is not included.

When deploying to production, all tests in your org's namespace will be run. Managed tests will not be run by default. If the deployment package explicitly marks runAllTests to true, managed tests will also run. These will need to execute without any failures should the flag be set. Despite this, the 75% requirement for code coverage is still only on unmanaged code.

Does Passage Technology own Milestones PM?

No. Milestones PM is a Salesforce Labs-owned application.

What is the difference between Milestones PM+ and Milestones PM?

Milestones PM is an unmanaged package by Salesforce Labs. Milestones PM+, by Passage Technology, is a managed package on the Salesforce AppExchange. Because we are keeping the code up to date, you don’t have to worry about new Salesforce releases or other changes in your org ‘breaking’ the code.

Read: Milestones PM+ and Milestones PM differences

What security do I have with Milestones PM+ and Passage Technology?

 See answers to our frequently asked security and data processing questions.

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