Winter Is Coming: Top 10 Winter '18 Salesforce Release Features


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Winter is coming! We've been busy combing through the release notes for Salesforce Winter '18 and here are some of our favorite new features!

Please note that there may be additional charges for some features, such as adding on Einstein. If you have any questions about which features are included with what your organization is already paying for, please contact your Salesforce Account Executive.

Here is our top 10 list:

  1. Use Einstein Lead Scoring in Salesforce Classic. Not ready to make the switch to Lightning, but want Reps to have a better overall picture of their Leads? Einstein Lead Scoring in Salesforce Classic will give reps insight to what factors are comprising the score.
  2. Leads: Speed Through Lead Conversions with Added Flexibility. Save time by matching Leads to Contacts and Accounts that are already in Salesforce.
  3. Search: Adjustable Search Results Columns and Smarter Instant Results. Faster searching results in increased productivity for reps. Now, smart searches return records faster and allow the user to wrap text and sort results so they can quickly find what they need and carry on with the task at hand.
  4. Say Goodbye to Contact Data Entry (Beta). Let Einstein add Contacts and Contact Roles in Salesforce automatically and save reps time with manual data entry. They will also have a view to notify them of what new records have been added by Einstein!
  5. Add Activities for Quotes and Contracts. With Einstein Activity Capture, Events and Emails are automatically related to Quotes and Contracts. Events and Emails are then used to provide insights.
  6. Let Sales and Marketing Track the Influence of Multiple Campaigns on Opportunities (available for Pardot customers). There are now pre-built models integrated into the customizable campaign influence. You no longer have to code your own model to allow multiple Campaigns to influence an Opportunity or ask users to do it by hand. With this change, you can give Sales and Marketing better insights on what is helping them close more deals.
  7. Embed Dashboards on the Home Tab and in Lightning Apps. Give your users the data they need where they are working!
  8. Learn Which Factors Drive Changes Over Time with the Story Timeline. Story Timeline will help identify what changed in a specific time-frame, for example, Q2 2017 vs Q2 2016. Better understanding what affects changes had on performance will help companies with continuous improvement initiatives.
  9. Do More in Service Console with Macros, Live Agent, and Other Enhancements. Increase agent productivity by allowing them to do more from the console.
  10. Continue the Conversation with Past Chats for Repeat Customers. Save your customers time and frustration by allowing your agents to view previous chats in the console.
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Winter 2018 Release FAQs:

  1. When will Winter '18 be released? Per the Salesforce release calendar, the release starts getting deployed as early as September 22nd, but the bulk of the release dates are in October.
  2. Where can I view the full release notes? Winter '18 Release Notes
  3. How do I know if I need to take action to enable a new feature? Check out the chart identifying which features require action by an admin.


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