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Working Remotely Benefits Both Employees and Customers


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Passage Technology is a 100% remote company.  Our office mates usually have four furry legs. Our commute is down the stairs, or sometimes even just down the hall (or possibly down the street at a local coffee shop if we’d like to brush-up on our non-verbal communication). If you weren’t reading this right now, you might have never known we aren’t sitting in adjoining cubicles.

Our customers are far and wide, so it makes sense that we would be too. We communicate and interact with each other in the same way we do with you - without having to worry about taming a cowlick. We use our products in the way you do too, so we understand our customers wants and needs.

Personally, I love the perks of working from home. I don’t have to deal with a 25-minute, traffic-and-stress-infused commute. I can always wear comfortable clothes and make a healthy lunch in my own kitchen. I have my favorite coffee everyday. My home office can be as quiet or as loud as I’d like. Controlling my environment like this helps me focus on my work so I can be as productive and helpful as possible.

Employees aren’t the only ones that enjoy the benefits of working with a remote company - our customers do too. Our circumstances force us to be extremely organized, motivated, and succinct. Thus, we constantly strive for optimal efficiency to make our jobs and our customers’ lives easier and more streamlined. We're always with our computers so we're always available to help you. We hire the best employees in the United States as we are not geographically constrained in our candidate pool.

Passage Technology Blog

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