Database Administrators Appreciation Day is July 7!



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Today is the perfect day to let your Admin know how much you appreciate them. 

Have you thanked your Admin lately? Today is the perfect day to let your Admin know how much you appreciate them for keeping your Salesforce® org running safe and sound! Admins are the superheroes who tackle everything from creating reports and automating complex business processes, to training new Salesforce users.

Following are our most popular blog posts and resources for Admins and aspiring Admins:

Roll-up Solution When a Roll-up Summary Field Can't be Used and Process Builder Doesn't Fire on Delete

Do you want to show the sum or average of closed won Opportunities on a Custom Object, like Industry in Salesforce? This is a common need, and many businesses would like to see aggregated data from child records on a parent record. Rollup Summary fields are great for rolling up data, but according to Salesforce’s help documentation, roll-up summary fields have limited functionality, like Lookup relationships are not supported or Date Literal filters can't be added.

Can’t Create Quote From Opportunity in Lightning Using New Quote Button?

We developed a solution for a challenge that many people have experienced with Quotes in Salesforce. When you create a new Quote record from an Opportunity record in Lightning, the Quote record doesn't fill in the Opportunity master detail field automatically. The solution we came up with provides a way to implement a single Custom button, which detects whether the user is in Classic or Lightning and handles quote creation in both contexts correctly.

GDPR and Using the Salesforce Individual Object

Salesforce has an Individual object to help you keep track of an individual’s data privacy preferences. This can be used for compliance with GDPR or other privacy protection laws such as The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA). Customizing and using the Individual object will help you respect your customer’s wishes regarding how their data is stored and used.

How to Kickstart Your Salesforce Admin Career

Do you know someone who is just starting out as an Admin? The Salesforce ecosystem is so large it can be daunting to get your feet wet, let alone dive right in. That's why we put together a list of resources to get started — from training to landing a job.


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