Helper Suite's Premium Editions include access to our fantastic Support staff. For our Premium Edition clients, our support staff will:

  • Provide unlimited triage support of any errors that are blocking the client's normal activity. This includes analyzing the behavior of Helper Suite apps and making appropriate adjustments to work around any errors the client may be receiving.**
  • Ensure fluid communication between the client and our R&D team.
  • Answer any product question(s) a client may have via phone, email, or screenshare.
  • Provide product training to a client via screenshare as requested.*
  • Assist with use case implementation. This may include creating settings, and creating any formula fields necessary for the use case to work.*

*In order to ensure that all of our client requests are resolved in a timely manner, product training and use case implementation assistance may be limited based on current support demand.

**Tasks such as modification or deep analysis of custom code or declarative processes do not fall under the scope of Helper Suite product support.

Our Free Edition clients can still obtain assistance with Helper Suite use case. If you contact our Sales team and set up a demo, our Solutions Engineer will help you get up and running!