1. Rollup organization-wide metrics – Create a single object with a single record for your organization. Then, setup Lookup Helper to link each source record to it, so as to get a global SUM, AVERAGE, MAX, MIN, COUNT across all records tied to that organization-wide record.

  2. Categorize/group your records (e.g. opportunities) into regions for regional VP/senior leadership to have instant visibility to regional rollups/forecasts. Just rollup your source field (e.g. closed won opportunity amount) into each region to get started.

  3. Group your records into time periods buckets to more easily build dashboards or rollups per time period (quarterly). Rollup values such as closed won opportunity amounts by quarter. Imagine the possibilities with this functionality; it's like having a report or dashboard follow you around in Salesforce relevant to the record you are viewing. We hope this feature in itself becomes your mini-analytics cloud.

  4. Store accounts, contacts, and opportunities under a zip code, district, or other geographic/territorial entity. Display the count of accounts, contacts, or the sum of total closed won sales amount for each zip code to track forecasts/potentials and actuals/history in each zip code.

  5. Lookup Helper maintains and keeps your relationships up to date so you will never have records related to incorrect parents and your users can work efficiently.