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Empower your team with trustworthy, easy to use Salesforce administration tools that save time and money with Helper Suite


The Helper Suite is a bundle of four Salesforce apps that are trustworthy, easy-to-use, and highly-rated on the AppExchange. Empower admins with Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper, manage Salesforce data with Storage Helper, and improve record details and decision-making with Prioritization Helper.

While each app is useful on their own, the whole is greater than the sum of their parts. Together, they take care of common problems faced by Admins, such as: Data Enrichment, Storage Space, Building & Running Reports, Salesforce User Adoption, and Industry Compliance like GDPR. 

With absolutely no coding required, Helper Suite is an amazing accelerator for Salesforce admins/power users, business analysts, sales operations, and developers. Stop coding where you don't have to, and focus on your organization's key goals. 

The Helper Suite bundle includes special discount pricing for the Premium Editions of Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, Storage Helper, and Prioritization Helper. Available in single- and multi-year subscriptions, Helper Suite apps are 100% Salesforce native and Lightning-ready.

RH-logo_tall-on-white_croppedRollup Any Information In Salesforce With Clicks, Not Code

Super-charge your org with capabilities that normally require extensive coding. Rollup Helper takes care of Salesforce rollup limitations, such as needing a Master-Detail relationship or the inability to include cross-object formula fields in rollup summary filters. Use Rollup Helper to build mission critical reports and trigger intelligent data-driven workflows.

LH tall_on-white croppedDisplay Related Records Anywhere In Salesforce

By letting Lookup Helper relate all of your important information, your users will be able to easily find and rollup relevant information. You can auto-populate lookups using record matching rules, group data by time period or geography, and Lookup Helper works with standard and custom objects.

SH-logo_tall-on-white_croppedReduce Your Salesforce Storage Costs

At a rate of over a thousand dollars annually for less than a gigabyte of storage, data storage within Salesforce is expensive. Passage Technology has created a solution that monitors your storage for you and allows administrators to either manually or automatically mass delete unused or unwanted data in Salesforce. Storage Helper is not only affordable, but it is also user-friendly!

PH tall_white_675wSimplify Your Prioritization Process

With Prioritization Helper, teams can easily reach a consensus, or prioritize their objectives in order of importance while understanding how a decision was made.

Prioritize records in any Object in Salesforce without coding by adding or subtracting points for meeting certain conditions. And decision makers can collaborate while reducing cognitive biases by using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP).

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1 year license


Interested in Helper Suite?

Helper Suite apps provide solutions to automate processes for GDPR or the Individual object in Salesforce that are easy to implement, safe, reliable, and scalable

Automating Processes For The Individual Object With Helper Suite Apps

The Individual Object in Salesforce is an excellent way to tie all of the information about a person together from all of their Lead, Contact, Person Account, or custom object records. Whether your business is seeking GDPR compliance, or just to honor your customers' data privacy preferences, Helper Suite apps provide solutions that are easy to implement and maintain, and are safe, reliable, and scalable solutions to automate processes for the Individual Object. Visit our "Automating Processes For The Individual Object With Helper Suite Apps" page to learn more!

Helper Suite Single App Pricing

Free Salesforce search app Lookup Helper of Helper Suite



Salesforce scoring app Prioritization Helper of Helper Suite



Free Salesforce roll-up app Rollup Helper of Helper Suite



Free Salesforce cleanup app Storage Helper of Helper Suite



Top 5 use cases for free Salesforce admin apps Rollup Helper and Lookup Helper of Helper Suite, a collection of must-have Salesforce admin productivity apps
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