Rollup Helper: Rollup Any Information In Salesforce With Clicks, Not Code

With Rollup Helper Premium Edition, almost any rollup use case you need is just one click away, and all data is updated in real-time.

Rollup More Data Than Ever Before

Only an Awesome Admin understands the amazing benefits brought by setting lookups automatically behind the scenes in your database. Your data is now more interconnected as you define important lookups such as relating leads to their accounts or linking campaigns automatically based on the lead source field. No matter what your use case is, with Helper Suite, you can leverage these auto-populated lookup fields to rollup more data in your org than ever before.

Lookup Helper: Display Related Records Anywhere In Salesforce

By letting Lookup Helper relate all of your important information, your users will be able to easily find & rollup relevant information by leveraging Salesforce related lists and lookup hover-over capabilities.

Storage Helper: Reduce Your Salesforce Storage Costs

At a rate of over a thousand dollars annually for less than a gigabyte of storage, data storage within Salesforce is expensive. Up until now, options have been limited to avoid this cost, but Passage Technology has created a solution that monitors your storage for you and allows administrators to either manually or automatically mass delete unused or unwanted data in Salesforce. Storage Helper is not only affordable, but it is also user-friendly!

Development Services: Custom Development for your Org

These Development Services hours are ideal for training or implementation assistance. Our expert Development Services team can assist you in optimizing your rollup configuration, fixing existing issues in your environment such as failing tests that may prevent trigger deployment, adding custom reports and dashboards, and much more.

Helper Suite: The Ultimate Admin Toolkit

Get a Swiss Army knife of admin-friendly solutions, at a lower cost. Includes Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, and Storage Helper, as well as 15 Development Services hours - all at discounted rates when you purchase Helper Suite as a bundle.   

Stop The Coding Insanity!

With absolutely no coding required, Helper Suite is an amazing accelerator for sales operations, Salesforce admins/power users, business analysts, and developers. Stop coding where you don't have to and focus on your organization's key goals. 


Automating Processes For The Individual Object With Helper Suite Apps

The Individual Object in Salesforce is an excellent way to tie all of the information about a person together from all of their Lead, Contact, Person Account, or custom object records. Whether your business is seeking GDPR compliance, or just to honor your customers' data privacy preferences, Helper Suite apps provide solutions that are easy to implement and maintain, and are safe, reliable, and scalable solutions to automate processes for the Individual Object.  Visit our Using Helper Suite Apps with Individual for GDPR page to learn more!