The New AppExchange and Dreamforce 2018



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Passage Technology, an ISV and consulting partner with Salesforce, is excited for a Smarter AppExchange with the launch of Smarter Recommendations.

Salesforce users agree that our flagship product, Rollup Helper, is a must-have app. Thousands of orgs, from Cargill to Lyft, rely on Rollup Helper as their go-to for data rollups and analytics using “clicks, and not code.” As an application developer exclusively for the AppExchange, our customers are Salesforce customers and we take pride in offering reliable, useful solutions – Helper Suite, Milestones PM+, and development services – that enhance their experience with the platform as well as their business processes.

AppExchange partners, Salesforce, and users work together
Teamwork: AppExchange partners, Salesforce, and users blaze trails together

During Dreamforce 2018, where Passage Technology participated as sponsor and presenter, the AppExchange Partner Keynote featured Nokia SVP of Global Alliances Katie Nittler explaining her beginnings with Salesforce, "We actually did not use any customization, so we've taken Salesforce out of the box, and what we've been able to do is look to the AppExchange for additional capabilities for ourselves instead of actually going and customizing so that's been really powerful."

AppExchange apps like Rollup Helper, which is the result of identifying a limitation in the platform and a gap in the resolution, help Salesforce retain customers like Nokia and users like Ms. Nittler to make their orgs work for them with ease. We look forward to Smarter Recommendations revealing our 100%-native apps as suitable options for Salesforce users.

“Our customers tell us,” Heather Conklin, VP of Product Management for the AppExchange, also spoke at the AppExchange Partner Keynote, “that they expect to see the same level of innovation from all your applications as they get from Salesforce.” AppExchange partners are placed on the same pedestal as Salesforce and those are some pretty big shoes to fill. Earning and maintaining trust is no simple task either but every install, demo, trial, listing view, and prospect is a testament of achievement.

Dreamforce 2018 gave us a chance to directly connect with the Salesforce community, demonstrate how our apps can solve various use cases, and learn how we can continue creating beneficial features and tools; this included our theater session, Declarative Solutions for Leveraging the Individual Object for GDPR Compliance. If you were unable to meet us or make our presentation, it’s not too late to find out how Helper Suite can work for your org and the right to erasure.

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