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Dreamforce 2019 sponsors are (or should be) in the middle of planning their engagement strategy: from utilizing six hours of meeting room time (Explorer: Insight Seekers), to the booth monitor and graphics (Navigator: Awareness Creators), to three Thought Leadership sessions (Groundbreaker: Engagement Generators). Getting the most out of Dreamforce sponsorship packages requires many decisions that often involve team collaboration such as input from previous event attendees, current event attendees, and stakeholders – trust us, we would know, having attended Dreamforce frequently – and this is on top of the general stress of planning event logistics.

DF18 decision journeyDecisions are just square-one to accomplishments. Save wasted time from mulling over what to do and instead focus on how to do it and actually do it. Get more objective results the first time around with Prioritization Helper.

We used Prioritization Helper, one of our newer Salesforce apps for complex decision-making, to evaluate booth themes and freebies for our Dreamforce 2018 sponsorship. Simplify Dreamforce planning and decisions with a 14-day free trial of Prioritization Helper today.

Theme 1 and Theme 2: Picking a Dreamforce booth theme

Our Dreamforce team (“Dream Team”) gave all employees an opportunity to contribute towards the theme and freebie since we’re a small business and diverse workplace, and the sponsorship was company-focused.

Similar to ballots sans the write-in, Prioritization Helper limits participation with predetermined evaluations, helping to avoid deadlocks and conflict. The Dream Team wasn’t looking for an open forum to brainstorm; they’ve already done that and had their choices narrowed down.

booth pc!Unlike ballots, these evaluations take a two-step mathematical approach – no filling in circles and tallying vote here – to provide more reliable results. Participants compare influencing factors (“criteria”) to each other, like originality and brand-appropriateness, then compare the possible choices (“alternatives”) to each criterion. Their outcome isn’t produced by direct preference or subjectivity but calculated automatically from the pairwise comparisons.

DF18 PH booth resultsTheme 2 was significantly preferred over Theme 1, so that’s what the Dream Team ultimately went with.

Give it away: Picking a Dreamforce freebie item

For the freebie, the Team initially favored the webcam covers and stress balls – the perfect opportunity for a Prioritization Helper evaluation.

Outcome: The two preferred choices (pens and webcam covers) didn’t have a significant gap as the theme choices, a differential less than 2.5%. Although Dream Team favorite webcam covers ranked high, they ultimately went with the majority: the pens.

DF18 PH freebie resultsHowever, going with the freebie leader proved less successful than the theme leader: attendees showed low-to-no interest in the item, even when offered, and a large quantity went untaken.

Result details: Reviewing the individual results of the Dream Team, the most top-ranked choice was, in fact, webcam covers whereas the last-ranked was stress balls. The Team’s evaluations, disproving one bias and supporting the other, conclusively aligned with the overall outcome; that is, universally, webcam covers were greatly preferred and stress balls were least preferred.

DF18 PH freebie results individualConclusion: Prioritization Helper provided objective data that could’ve been seen as influential rather than absolute and, with such a narrow differential, the Dream Team could’ve understandably decided on the webcam covers instead.

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