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We at Passage Technology are proud to announce that our popular e-book series, “Essential Guides for Business Transformation,” has been revised and updated for 2024.

For example, the e-book for admins and developers has a new section on improving and maintaining the quality of data in your Salesforce org. Now, technically, admins don’t “own” the data (they’re responsible for the platform); Salesforce users are much closer to the data itself and understand it better, which is important to the cleanup effort. Still, admins are in a unique position to guide data quality activities by properly empowering the users.

Quality of Data Is a Gamechanger — For Good or Bad

After all, high-quality data are the table stakes for using Salesforce. Without it, Salesforce is an ineffective platform. Incomplete, invalid, and duplicate data damages all Salesforce functions. Therefore, having a proper data improvement strategy is key to generating business success and getting a return on investment in Salesforce.

“Poor quality data costs businesses around $700 billion a year, or 30 percent of the average company’s revenue….A recent Salesforce study found that the average customer’s contact database is composed of 90% incomplete contacts, with 20% of records being useless due to several factors, such as 74% of the records needing updates and more than 25% of those being duplicates.”

Ensuring Data is of High Quality, a Salesforce analytics study.

Be sure to check out our up-to-date Essential Guides today. Each of them is free, and they also feature an accompanying infographic to download.

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