Release Notes

Storage Helper Version 1.4


We are extremely excited to share with you the first release of our newest app Storage Helper!


New Features:

  • Enable the ability to recycle old/unwanted data on any standard or custom object through the creation of Storage Recycle Jobs.

  • Define the criteria that a record will have to meet in order for it to be recycled.

  • Run Storage Recycle Jobs in the three following modes:

    1. Recycle data after the standard Salesforce export

    2. Recycle data on a scheduled basis

    3. Recycle data on an ad hoc basis

  • Create a data alert threshold to receive data usage alerts at any data usage percent you'd like.

  • Limit the number of records recycled by Storage Helper allowing your data to be safely stored in the recycling bin.

  • Preview records that meet the criteria defined for a Storage Recycle Job.

  • Automatically calculate data storage usage on a daily basis.

  • View the usage percentage on the Storage Recycle Jobs page.

  • Display how much money Storage Helper has saved your organization.

  • View when a Storage Recycle Job was last run.

  • View the status of any Storage Recycle Job.

  • Adjust the average size of your Salesforce Email Messages (used in the data usage calculation).


Free Edition Features:

  1. Maximum of one Storage Recycle Job.


Premium Edition Features:

  1. Unlimited Storage Recycle Jobs.
Storage Helper Release Notes