New Features

  • Records recycled by Storage Helper may now be backed up into a .csv file.
  • Storage Helper savings will now be displayed in the local currency type if multi currency is enabled for the Salesforce org.
  • Added ability to filter on parent record fields within the Storage Recycle Job criterion.

Usability and Performance Improvements

  • The Storage Helper savings now includes the records that are cascade deleted (all child records that are deleted along with the parent) when calculating the total savings.
  • Storage Savings accuracy was improved by adding a checkbox for Salesforce Data Storage Purchased at a Discount in the Storage Helper Settings. The actual price paid per half gig can be entered.
  • The links on the individual records in the preview page now say ‘Delete’ instead of ‘Recycle’ to be more consistent with Salesforce terminology.
  • Improved the record preview page scalability in order to be responsive for smaller screens.
  • Improved record preview functionality when activity objects are included in the Storage Recycle Job. The ‘Display Archived Records’ checkbox will display archived records on the preview popup.
  • If a User accesses the Storage Recycle Job page, and is not assigned to the Storage Helper permission set a warning message will now be displayed.
  • Storage Helper Usage Alerts may now be sent to multiple email addresses.
  • The Storage Helper settings configuration page now includes more help text.

Bug Fixes

  • When manually running Activity Storage Recycle Jobs, a CPU Timeout will no longer occur.
  • Storage Recycle Jobs that recycle large numbers of records will now dynamically adjust the batch job size to help prevent timeouts from occurring.
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes.