Using Helper Suite Apps With Individual for GDPR

Individual Object

The Individual Object in Salesforce is an excellent way to tie all of the information about a person together from all of their Lead, Contact, Person Account, Community User, Donor, or custom object records.  However, automating processes comes with some challenges. For example, some solutions may be costly in terms of price, and others in terms of implementation and maintenance time.

Automating Processes

Helper Suite apps provide free or inexpensive solutions that are easy to implement and maintain, and are safe, reliable, and scalable solutions.  Some of the processes you may want to consider automating with Helper Suite apps include: 

  • Automatically creating Individual records and relating them to Leads, Contacts, Person Accounts, and Community Users
  • Updating Individual Records with preferences, lawful basis for processing information, and any actions that need to be taken
  • Automatically deleting records that contain personal data when preferences change, or lawful basis expires

LH Individual

Use Lookup Helper to create Individual records and relate them to Leads, Contacts, Person Accounts, Donors, Community Users, or any custom object containing personal information.


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RH Individual

Use Rollup Helper to roll-up information to the Individual record such as:

  • Do Not Call
  • Do Not Email
  • Forget this Individual
  • Customer Conversion Date

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SH Individual

Use Storage Helper to automatically delete Individual records along with their related Lead, Contact, Person Account, etc. records based on criteria you define. 


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