Milestones PM+ Spring 2015 Release


  • Task & Milestones Completion Sync
    • Keep the completion status of your milestones & tasks easily in sync. Close out a milestone and all tasks close!
  • Project Page
    • Added a Project Report button to invoke a managed report showing key project data (milestones and tasks) filtered to just the project's data. You can customize this report, but make sure to not overwrite the existing filter on the project id. This is required for the button to work and the filter must be project id = <blank>.  The custom button will do the work of passing in the project id for the project page you are on.
      • If  you want to use a different report (e.g different report type), create the report, ensure the report has the first report criteria filtering on the project id, then save the report. Grab the report's ID from the URL in Salesforce and paste the report id into the Milestones PM custom setting called "Report Id: Project Report"
  • Project Lookup On Task
    • You can now displays tasks on the project page. Any new tasks created that do not have the project lookup value set will be populated with their respective project.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Gantt Chart Sort Order - Open tasks scheduled for the same day were not appearing in sequence; now the tasks and other items on gantt chart appear more naturally in order on the gantt chart based on their dependency dates as well. The default sort order is start date, end date, predecessor's end date, and name. This can be changed by editing the custom settings for milestone or task sort orders.