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Milestones PM+ Release Notes v13.3


New Features

  • Custom Settings
    • “Auto Resource Team Assignment.” When a Task has an assigned team, all Resources of that team will be assigned to the Task.
    • “Maximum Number Of Tasks Per Project” sets a...

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v12.7


New Features

  • Time Entry LWC allows users to enter times on Tasks without navigating to the Time Grid. Add the Lightning Web Component to Project, Milestone, Task Lightning page layouts.
  • Time Grid...

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v12.4


New Features

  • Expense Grid, a Lightning Web Component, can be added to Project/Milestone/Task page layouts.
  • New Custom Settings
    • “Disable Status Cascading” won’t change the status of related records...

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v11.8


Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Lightning Gantt will display holidays that’ve been set in the org.
  • Time Entry grid default-sorts by Project when viewing Tasks or Milestones.
  • To-Do List Items...

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v11.6


New Features

  • “Milestones PM+ Settings,” new tab allowing admins to update custom settings in a categorized page.
  • “Allow Blank Resource on Milestone Task,” new custom setting, allows Resource field...

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v10.13


New Features

  • Default Folder For Imports, new custom setting, lets users set a document folder or file library for the Import Template page.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Time Entry
    • Grid...

Milestones PM+ Release Notes v10.12


New Features

  • Show Actuals On Gantt Chart, new custom setting, displays columns for Actual Start/End date fields on the Gantt chart.
  • “Percent Complete” Milestone formula field calculates average of...

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