Milestones PM+ Winter 2015 Release


  • Milestones PM+ Base

    • Project Page

      • Split the Status-At-A-Glance charts on the Project Page into 2 VisualForce page components, so you can show/hide them independently. For existing projects to render the charts correctly, you will want to follow these steps:

      • Edit Your Project Page Layout(s)

      • Hide the existing Milestone1_Charts_GVMilestones visualforce page.

      • Add the Milestones1_Charts_ProjectTaskStatus and Milestone1_Charts_ProjectTaskBudget visualforce pages.

      • Change the height of each component to 250 pixels (HINT: Click the tool icon)

      • Save the Page Layout changes.

      • Ensure existing projects have '0' in the data fields that the chart depends on when they are null (for projects created before this version was released).

    • Program Management

      • Link each project to a program

      • Display multiple projects on gantt chart in program page

      • Ability to link projects together creating project-level dependencies

    • Gantt Chart Improvements

      • Display dependencies between items on gantt chart

      • Display diamonds on gantt chart to represent milestones proper (a milestone object record with same start/kickoff and finish/deadline date)

  • Milestones PM+ Base - Bug Fixes

    • Defaulted the dependent data fields on the project object for these charts to 0 so that these charts render for new projects. 

($) - Available to new customers of our Milestones PM+ implementation services.