Saying Good-bye to Code & Hello to Rollup Summary Fields in Real-time


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The Ohio Department of Development works to enrich communities and support economic opportunities with the goal of helping businesses, communities, and individuals throughout Ohio thrive. To help achieve their goals, the Department of Development needed access to their data in real time.

Searching for a Way to Calculate Rollup Summaries on Objects

Before the Ohio Department of Development chose Rollup Helper, they looked at other options, but didn’t find one that would meet their needs. 

“We desperately needed a solution to calculate a rollup summary on Objects where we cannot use rollup summary fields,” explained Janet Mashkovskiy, who is a business process analyst for the Ohio Office of Information Technology.

Giving Developers More Flexibility & Time Back in Their Day

They discovered Rollup Helper, and it has streamlined their work by eliminating the need to write code to calculate rollup summary fields. Janet adds, “But the best thing is that it is running in real time, so you don’t have to write your own triggers—Rollup Helper takes care of it. You just need to activate it.” 

Rollup Helper gives customers like the Ohio Department of Development the flexibility they need. For example, there are over 25 types of rollups you can create, including Advanced Currency Management, unique count, checkbox, and text. Rollup Helper also works with Custom Objects, as well as Objects from other apps. Plus, you can create custom filters without knowledge of SOQL, and the results can be used in reports, Validation Rules, and Flows.

“Now that Rollup Helper has the real-time trigger, we no longer need to write our own triggers on each Custom Object where we have Rollup Helper fields. This saves developer time, since you don’t have to do it in a sandbox first and then create test triggers in order to deploy to production,” Janet said.

Janet concludes, “When you run into limitations with rollup summary fields on Custom Objects, and you need to calculate summary fields based on the related Objects, Rollup Helper is the best solution!”

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