USE CASE: Ensuring Billing Info Is Included for Accounts in Salesforce


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Problem: Customer Account records missing billing process information

Securing a new customer Account is a time for celebration, but also transition. The key contacts have made the decision to move forward and buy, but another business team is going to start playing a large role: finance. Up to this point, the contact information and processes for the accounts payable team has not been part of the Account detail page. During onboarding and delivering your product or service, it may be overlooked, but this information must be collected.

Solution: Automatically warn the Salesforce user of missing Customer Account billing information

Using the Free Edition of the Data Quality Helper app, an Admin can easily create hard or soft validation rules to address various situations and inform users of the required or desired elements.

Salesforce default functionality only allows hard validation rules—if records are not properly created/updated, the save/submit is prevented. With the added functionality of Data Quality Helper, Admins have more flexibility to design unique validation rules that better serve organization goals across a number of situations, beyond this missing billing information example. In addition, Admins can craft warning messages, customized by content and formatting. Finally, the app can provide a list view of all new and existing records with unresolved data validation issues—making future data cleanup easier. (Check out the Data Quality Helper Admin Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to set up validation rules.)

In this particular use case, the Admin has chosen to use a soft validation rule and customized warning empowering the Salesforce user to make a decision on how to proceed.

Account record with missing billing details

This warning says: “The billing address has not been populated on this Account. Please Note: Billing address is not required, but having this information does simplify things for our finance department.”

Ideally, you want all the information you can get, but in some cases not having it may not be worth the cost of preventing the creation or update of a record altogether (like with Salesforce’s default hard validation). The choice whether to use this app’s soft or hard validation is an Admin and organizational decision.

The good news is that, with Data Quality Helper, unresolved validation issues remain attached to the record. They aren’t one-time-only and just disappear. This way, it serves as a reminder to add the missing information later.

Besides enhanced data validation, this app also offers duplicate data detection and resolution that exceeds default Salesforce functionality. Plus, don’t forget to take advantage of the list view that shows all validation and duplication issues detected by the rules Admins created. Install the free version today! 

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