USE CASE: Improving a Company’s Time-off Request Process in Salesforce


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Problem: Unknowingly exceeding paid time-off limits

Depending on their service time or employment arrangements, many employees have limits on the time they are allowed to take off in a given period, usually annually. Sometimes there are different categories of time off with their own limits. Exceeding those limits may result in docked pay and/or questions about performance. If the employee is unaware that they have requested more time off than what was allotted, it may cause confusion.

Solution: Automatically warn the employee before the time-off request is submitted

Using the Free Edition of the Data Quality Helper app, an Admin can easily create hard or soft validation rules to address various situations and inform employees of the available options.

Salesforce default functionality only allows hard validation rules—if limits are exceeded, the save/submit is prevented. With the added functionality of Data Quality Helper, Admins have more flexibility to design unique validation rules that better serve organization goals across a number of situations, beyond this paid time-off example. In addition, Admins can craft warning messages, customized by content and formatting. (Check out the Data Quality Helper Admin Guide for step-by-step instructions on how to set up validation rules.)

In this particular use case, the Admin has chosen to use a soft validation rule and customized warning empowering the Salesforce user to make a decision on how to proceed.

paid time off validation rules

This warning says: “The number of hours on this time off request exceeds your remaining available PTO hours for the year. If you continue to save this time off request you will have to take unpaid time off. Click the save button again to create the time off request with unpaid time off."

These types of validation rules would likely have other internal business data uses. Having high data quality helps drive better internal planning, decision making, operational execution, and strategy setting.  

Besides enhanced data validation, this app also offers duplicate data detection and resolution that exceeds default Salesforce functionality. Install the free version today!

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