Free Salesforce record search app reviews for Lookup Helper
Whether the need is a one-time heavy-lift (ie: an activity merge) or an operational efficiency, Lookup Helper is one Swiss Army Knife for data that every Salesforce Admin should have in their toolbox.

— Robert Dolber

American Portfolios
I came across Rollup Helper as a suggested tool in the Trailblazer community which I downloaded the free version to start with, and within the same day loved the ease of use and realized the magnitude of benefits we could realize from its functionality that I purchased the Enterprise edition that same day as well. It was then only a matter of a few more days before we also decided to invest in the related product (Lookup Helper) which we have realized great results from as well. Besides the wonderful functionality I cannot speak highly enough of their support team, WOW!...Highly recommend product and Passage Technology as a whole - GREAT COMPANY AND Products!!!

— Nellie Tillinghast

I installed Lookup Helper today and it is working awesome. I am very pleased with how easy the tool is to use and the support provided. They walked me through step-by-step setup and we had the tool installed and working as intended in less than an hour. Very much recommend!!

— Colin McGettigan

Tristate Capital Bank
This was the perfect work-around for what would have been a complex formula over the character limit!

— Harry Lauchlan

Spiral Skills
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