Free Salesforce rollup app reviews for Rollup Helper
We have been using this product since 2017 and it has been a game changer. We can use this product in place of adding overly customized fields or automation to our system and it is all done in an easy place...This is a great product and saved our small admin team a ton of time we didn't have. We can get the functionality we need in a few easy steps versus hours of development time.

— Lindsey Hohengarten

Vector Solutions
I started by using the free version of Rollup Helper but got sooo addicted to its ease of use (particularly for complex calculations) as it provided valuable out of the box solutions i.e. including a formula (checkbox) in the rollup which is not available in SFDC standard rollup. I now have the paid version and can't wait to expand its use further. I would recommend Rollup Helper for all Salesforce users, beginner or advanced.

— Zander Wevers

Only tool that I've found that addresses the roll up limitations associated with Advanced Currency Management. It is also so much more. We can drive deeper, giving richer, more meaningful information to our users now. Look forward to seeing how far we can go. The team has been super responsive, helpful and a wealth of knowledge. Highly recommend!

— Jeff Hemming

Sourced Group
Rollup Helper has allowed us to easily see our renewal forecast. We were able to combine all active contract (old process and newly implemented process) values into one field to run a report on all recurring values to easily show the Renewal Forecast. Thanks!

— Elizabeth Flynn

I've been using the free version of Rollup Helper for a while now and just recently purchased the Premium version. I love it! It makes rolling up data across objects so easy, and helps us with validation rules and workflows that would not be possible with out-of-the-box Salesforce...Would highly recommend to any admin!

— Justine Lopes

I had a requirement to roll up information from related records (linked by lookups) and had a complex solution for it but Rollup Helper fit into place instead without any complexity. I was able to set up what I needed in 10 minutes without needing help as it is easy to use and efficient. Great work!!! Loved it.

— Quratulain Tariq

Our org uses Rollup Helper to enhance our reporting and overall field capabilities. We have been able to easily create a "related contacts" field for accounts and also display a "products purchased" field on opportunity and customer records. Their support is highly responsive and very kind. 5 stars!

— Kelly Michael Skelton

Fiber Optic Center
Each project is specially tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Often complex roll-ups have required additional hours and cost in order to leverage programmers. However, with the use of Roll-Up Helper we are able to implement a wider range of roll-ups at a lower cost for our clients.

— Todd Hash

Salesforce Partner, Force By Design
Rollup Helper is a near-perfect tool, and saves us loads of hours of dev time. We don't have a full-time SFDC dev but have a pretty complex SFDC instance, and Rollup Helper makes life so much easier for us...

- Benjamin Davis

This solution definitely gets the job done! It is easy to install/setup and the support team is very responsive and creative in suggesting ways to utilize the functionality to resolve complex requests from end-users.

- Andrew Mackler

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