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Rollup Helper has dramatically increased our ability to deliver real-time data to our employees and customers. We have dozens of rollups across a variety of objects and have found the Rollup Helper team to be very helpful and responsive. I would highly recommend the app for anyone needing greater flexibility with their data aggregation within Salesforce.
— Nick Sorensen, American HealthCare Lending
I’ve being using the app for almost two months now, and I love it! This is an amazing tool that has brought together data, summarizing the fruits of the outreach team’s labor...
— Kalue Her, The Emily Program
Rollup Helper helped give our organization the information we needed to better support our Fellows. It forced us to truly use Salesforce because we had the functionality we needed and it significantly reduced the number of reports that we had to export to Excel to further manipulate.
— Topher Rinek, OneGoal
Rollup Helper is a god-send for admins with limited developer resources by providing a cost-effective solution that is easy/intuitive/quick to use with practically unlimited use-cases.
— Vishal Rana, Vertafore, Inc.
Each project is specially tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Often complex roll-ups have required additional hours and cost in order to leverage programmers. However, with the use of Roll-Up Helper we are able to implement a wider range of roll-ups at a lower cost for our clients.
— Todd Hash, Salesforce Partner, Force By Design
Rollup summary fields are a vital feature of Salesforce, but the out of the box functionality available is limited in a number of ways, such as no
support for lookup relationships, text fields, complex formulas...Rollup Helper fills these gaps very nicely by enabling unlimited rollups across all standard and custom objects!
— Mark Miller, Car Loans, Inc.
...When I thought of all the times I would need to spend to write my own code to accomplish rollups, this purchase was a no-brainer. I used the wizard to create other rollups in less than 5 minutes. This app has proven itself to be indispensable and has been one of the few apps that have demonstrably made administering and developing Salesforce far easier...
— Garry Fuller, New Jersey Academy for Aquatic Sciences
I downloaded the free version which gives you 3 roll-up fields (and which must be “run” to get the most up-to-date values in the free version). The power in this app is that you can roll up based upon look-up relationships vs. master/detail relationships. If you have a look-up relationship between 2 objects, then you can create a roll-up field between them. Highly recommend!
— David Hungness, The Chicago Community Trust
Rollup Helper is a tremendous value and I highly recommend the paid version for Salesforce admins. While it does overcome the rollup summary field limit Salesforce imposes, which in itself makes it worthwhile, what makes it invaluable is that it can do so much more than a standard rollup field. The Salesforce admin will no longer be constrained...
— Gregg Sherrington, Fidelity
We suffered configuration problems simply because we could not use rollup summary fields on objects with a lookup relation..So instead of building custom triggers we decided to investigate the AppExchange and decided to go for Rollup Helper.

Rollup Helper is easy to use and easy to configure, it does not need a developer to get the right result.  Price model is clear and fair, you get unlimited rollups which make it a good business case to get this app. Would love to have the app standard in our ISV package.
— Frank Gielen, Connexys