Free Salesforce data deletion app reviews for Storage Helper

"Easiest tool to use to mass delete unwanted data!"

Salesforce storage is quite expensive and I just saved my client $13,000/year by not upgrading the storage for Salesforce. Instead, we implemented purge rules to delete unusable data records. Storage Helper is a great investment and worth the time to explore how to reduce your costs!

— Cricket Noyes

Stratify Consulting
Storage Helper has been hugely beneficial in keeping or org under our storage limits by automating the deletion of older, unused records. The customizable storage use threshold and email alerts are a bonus too! Now we don't have to remember to manually check if we're getting close to our limit; Storage Helper pushes the notification to us. I also like the reports & charts that give a good overview of where your storage is being allocated.

— Jennifer West

Here is a great free app which can help with one of the regular issues in Salesforce: storage limits! Storage Helper can help you keep track of your data limits and, more importantly, automate deletion of records to keep you within the set limits. For those of us who have to regularly clean out old records (especially campaign member status records maybe??), this could be very helpful.

— Phil Walton

Salesforce MVP
When we attached Mailchimp to Salesforce a few years ago, the amount of data it created was out of control. Without any support from Salesforce or any solutions, I figured we'd give Storage Helper a shot. We were already using Rollup Helper, and it was great...Not only did the app work, but it was super easy! I needed absolutely no support from their team, and it worked fast. Now that I have it, I'm excited to further clean up our data. Definitely a lifesaver!

— Adam Lowy

Move For Hunger
I'm currently using this app to clean things up and it works wonderful. Also, being able to backup our data was easy, even with attachments.

— Rebecca Bartholomew

Tradesmen of New England
We have a lot of duplicate tasks from our integrated system. Storage Helper was the easiest tool to use to mass delete unused data. We Filtered out on tasks which marked completed with having external Id from our system and all unused tasks were gone. Thanks for saving our time and cost for data storage.

— Payal Agrawal

We have a lot of old cases with heavy attachments from our legacy system, which we integrated with Salesforce. Storage Helper was the easiest tool to use to mass delete unwanted data that are no longer required in Salesforce but were using up our data. Filtered out on closed cases, marked legacy cases, and all un-relevant cases with attachments were gone, freeing up much-needed space. Thanks for saving our time!!

— Pritam Shekhawat

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