Storage Helper Testimonials
Here is a great free app which can help with one of the regular issues in Salesforce: storage limits! Storage Helper can help you keep track of your data limits and, more importantly, automate deletion of records to keep you within the set limits. For those of us who have to regularly clean out old records (especially campaign member status records maybe??), this could be very helpful.
— Phil Walton, Salesforce MVP

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Storage Helper Use Cases

Storage Helper Use Cases

Salesforce storage is quite expensive and I just saved my client $13,000/year by not upgrading the storage for Salesforce. Instead, we implemented purge rules to delete unusable data records. Storage Helper is a great investment and worth the time to explore how to reduce your costs!
— Cricket Noyes, Stratify Consulting

"Must have for legacy orgs!"

Storage is a huge issue for our almost 12-year-old org and [Storage Helper] is a lifesaver for admins looking to save their company some $$ on storage. I was able to get my File Storage down by running a job on all Attachments created more than 5 years ago and owned by inactive users. If you’ve used Rollup Helper, you’ll be familiar with how quickly you can create a job. Best part of Storage Helper is the easy filtering on the jobs. Another plus is the auto reminder you can set yourself for storage limits so you always know when you’re getting close.
— Sarah Ortiz, Aerovironment
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