We're Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary!



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As part of our 15-year anniversary, we're celebrating customers and their stories!


We are constantly amazed by the creative ways customers use our apps to overcome challenges and maximize their efficiency.

"We're thrilled with how our apps have evolved to meet our customers' needs as Salesforce® has grown. And when customers share their stories and use cases with us, it helps others overcome challenges and expand their use of Salesforce," explains Passage Technology's Co-Founder Jerry Reid. 

See How Others Are Using Our Apps to Achieve Their Goals

Rollup Helper & Lookup Helper Empower Rare Karma to Achieve Goals 

Rare Karma is a CRM consultant specializing in front-office business transformation solutions and development using the Salesforce and HubSpot platforms. Their client needed to be able to search and filter results, as well as reference values and use formulas to set field values. “In particular, there were a lot of fields that required a Rollup Summary of information from Child Accounts to Parent Accounts. Unfortunately, the standard Salesforce custom fields just weren't getting the job done,” explained Rare Karma Software Developer, Alicia Muth. Read the full story: Rollup Helper & Lookup Helper Empower Rare Karma to Achieve Goals Without Code. 

Milestones PM+ Streamlines Project Management for the Healthier Kids Foundation

As their organization grew, the Healthier Kids Foundation saw a need for a more structured approach for project management. Healthier Kids Foundation’s mission is to remove barriers impacting Silicon Valley youth. The team was using emails, Word documents, spreadsheets, and Outlook Calendars to manage projects, but they weren’t able to track how much work was coming in or who was doing the work. Read the full story: Milestones PM+ Helps the Healthier Kids Foundation Manage Projects and Focus on Their Mission.

Do you have a story you'd like to share with us? We'd love to hear from you! Tell us your story.

Our Backstory

Our journey with Salesforce began in 2008 when we started offering consulting services.

In 2010, we launched what would eventually become our adaptable project management solution, Milestones PM+. When our first customer noticed a gap in the capabilities of our project management solution with syncing up the dates in their project plans, we explored what Salesforce had to offer and discovered we needed to build a custom solution.

As it turns out, this date syncing problem uncovered a major unmet rollup and aggregation need on the Salesforce platform. To meet this need, in 2012 we decided to invest even more time and energy into the creation and launch of our flagship app Rollup Helper, which is the original Rollup Platform on the AppExchange.

"Rollup Helper took off, and its success inspired us to build more trustworthy apps and custom solutions for the Salesforce platform," said Passage Technology's Co-Founder, Brent Gossett. Rollup Helper became one of the AppExchange’s most popular apps and has been installed into more than 60,000 orgs. Last year it earned the honor of being the 10 millionth app to be installed on the AppExchange. 

RH-10M-timeline-1 (no DAH)

Our apps Rollup Helper, Lookup Helper, Storage Helper, and Milestones PM+ have all spent time in the Top 24 apps on the AppExchange. Check out About Us to read more about our story.


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