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Dear PT, 

Our company’s IT department has a steady backlog of new projects and new processes to undertake. And they are good at what they do. However, each individual action plan is built from the ground up. Plus, they operate in a bit of a silo—other functions need to be involved to ensure success. We’d like to add project management discipline to these projects and process implementations. Where do we begin?

M. Plamentor in Silo, OK

Dear M,

What you describe is a templatized process that covers the bare minimum of Milestones and Tasks for a Project, while also leaving room to add needed customizations. You want to be able to work efficiently, collaborate with stakeholders, and ensure a smooth transition for user adoption. This is where the project management app Milestones PM+ excels. And it is 100%-native to Salesforce®, so progress and approval tracking appear alongside your company’s data and notification system.

Learn how to make sure core steps are followed to deliver high-quality IT projects and processes. 




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