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Dear PT, 

At our company, we use the phase-gate development process to create our products, from releasing new most viable products (MVPs) to updating later versions. It is a lightning fast process, so it is important we improve our project management abilities. We’d like to use Salesforce®, but it has limited project management functionality. Any suggestions?

Emma Veepea from Waterfall, PA

Dear Emma,

Yes, there is a convenient solution. The app, Milestones PM+, is 100% Salesforce native and perfectly suited for your preferred development process—all within Salesforce. You can create an overall project plan containing each stage as well as the required tasks and assigned resources. Completions are tracked and gate approvals are documented, allowing the waterfall process to confidently move forward.

And it is very easy to get started right away by using the free Stage-Gate Starter Pack Template.




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