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User feedback helps us improve our apps, providing the best experience, features, and functionality.

Customer reviews and ratings are becoming an increasingly important part of the buying process, helping buyers make informed decisions.

Reviews tell the story of what it’s like to use software, sharing the valuable real-life experiences of users. “Reviews offer more comprehensive insights into the software product’s performance, features, and usability,”  explains Gartner in their report on 2024 Global Software Buying Trends

However, buyers need to trust that the reviews they’re reading are authentic. Because both the AppExchange and G2 are verified, you can be assured that the reviews you’re reading are trustworthy.

We Value Your Feedback and Reviews

Your feedback helps us as we continually work to improve our apps to provide the best experience, features, and functionality. For example, the recent updates for Milestones PM+, our hugely popular project management app, are a direct result of input from customers like you.

Our Milestones PM+ customers asked for more flexibility and options with custom settings, and we delivered. As a result of your feedback, we added a new Milestones PM+ Granular Trigger Disablement setting, and a new First Day of Week setting to give you the custom project management user and project data management experience you need.

We Want to Hear From You

Verified reviews are important to us as well, and it’s why we value receiving your feedback from the AppExchange and G2. They allow us to continue to add more useful features and usability improvements to our apps. 

We kindly ask that you take a few moments of your time to complete a review for us. You may do so by one of the following methods:

  1. Visiting our AppExchange Reviews pages. Here’s a link so you can easily access these pages: Review Our Apps.*
  2. Visiting our G-2 Reviews page. Just select an app link below to go the G-2 site:*

We truly appreciate your feedback and look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!


*In order to help us and other users understand your feedback and experience better, please indicate which edition of the product your experience was based on (e.g. Free Edition vs Premium/Paid Edition) in your review.



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