Achieving the Impossible in Salesforce: 3 Stories of Overcoming Obstacles



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Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

Have you been told something you want to achieve in Salesforce® is impossible? You're not alone. Check out the following stories to see how the impossible becomes possible.

1st Story: Syncing Data Without Adding Another Subscription

When a client needed to update their orders in Salesforce and sync them with opportunities, we told them we’d be happy to help. Previously they were told this wouldn't be possible without doing a complex data load, which would require orchestration. But they didn’t want to add another app to achieve this. Using Apex code, our development services team created a button to activate bi-directional changes for the order or the opportunity, and sync the two objects with each other.

2nd Story: Good-bye Files, Existing Code & Triggers

Another client needed to remove existing code and triggers from their production environment. Salesforce told them it wasn't possible and suggested that they remove the code from these components, leaving them as empty files within their production environment. Our development services team was able to deploy a changeset to the production environment, which removed the files in their entirety. 

3rd Story: Importing Data into Salesforce from Spreadsheets for Projects

Our third story involves a client who reached out to us for help. They had a spreadsheet in Google Sheets and needed the data moved over to Milestones PM+ and spread out over several projects, but they'd been told by multiple consultants that this wouldn't be possible. Leveraging our knowledge of the Salesforce platform, we were able to get the data set imported to Salesforce. Next, we used a flow to orchestrate the imported data to the correct projects, automatically filling in specified fields. And finally, we provided training for the client.

We’re Here for You

At Passage Technology, our development services team is known for tackling projects that others say are impossible. 

Whether you’re facing a challenge with a Salesforce data migration, org merge, enhancement, or back office app integration project, we’re ready to earn your trust and help deliver on your vision quickly, optimizing for scale and performance. The first step to engage us is to set up a free consultation. This allows us to gain insight into your project vision and business outcomes, so you can achieve customer delivery success.

We are the leading trusted experts to deliver analytics, project management, and lightning-based solutions on the Salesforce Platform, offering custom Salesforce solutions and Salesforce consulting services to businesses around the globe.


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