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Dear PT, 

Comparisons can be an important factor in forecasting. At our company, we’d like to compare this partial year’s revenue Opportunity total for an Account to the same time period in the previous year. Are we going up, down, or flat? Salesforce® doesn't do this out of the box. Can Rollup Helper help us?

Totul Todayt from Trend, Denmark

Dear Totul,

Absolutely! Rollup Helper allows you to use formula fields with dates to create rollups, addressing a limitation in Salesforce. With the right formula, filter and rollup, you can display real-time revenue totals for the current year to date alongside a similar period from last year. Besides improving forecasts, this information could help prioritize recently lagging or fast growing Accounts.

Learn the simple steps to create real-time year-over-year comparisons.




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