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Dear PT, 

At our company, when users create a Salesforce® Contact, a search is done to find if the related Account is already in our records. If they don’t find an Account, then one is created. This manual process sometimes results in duplicate Accounts being created, with identical information or differing information. Data quality suffers, relationship management is affected, and then time and resources are wasted fixing the problems. There has to be a better way.

Bette R. Dada-Highjeene from Dublin, OH

Dear Bette,

One of the many benefits of using the app Lookup Helper is the reduction in the number of duplicate records created as well as the notification that duplicate parent records do exist. And if no Category records exist, you can set up Lookup Helper to automatically create the Accounts for you with the appropriate name and other fields you define. Plus, this functionality extends beyond Contacts and Accounts. 

Learn how to reduce, identify, and eliminate duplicate records in Salesforce data.




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