New UI

Rollup Helper was among the first group of apps that were Lightning Ready! To see our new UI, you will need to enable the Salesforce Lightning user interface in your org. Not ready to upgrade to lightning? Don't worry, you can just continue to use the Salesforce Aloha user interface which will still show UI improvements. 

Checkbox Rollups

We have a new aggregation type that you can rollup - ‘Checkbox’. Checkbox rollups can be used to easily verify whether a given checkbox is checked on any related child record.

Expanded Date Filtering

We have included support for several new date filter types such as Last / Next Quarter. This allows you to create your rollup date filters to flexibly adapt to any situation.

Faster Rollups

Rollup Helper asynchronous processes can now take advantage of Salesforce’s new Queueable interface. All of your batch or scheduled rollups will now run much faster.

Expanded Text Delimiters

New options have been added to delimit Text rollups.

And Several Quality of Life Improvements / Bug Fixes