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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the new realtime enablement logic (introduced in 13.0.1) that could cause problems when a rollup used a source object with a very long name.
  • An issue was resolved that...

New Features

  • Rollup Queue Monitoring: A tab for the Rollup Helper queue has been added.  This tab will allow users to easily monitor their rollup queue and filter by target object.
  • More Pre-canned Date Filters: New pre-canned date filters have been added - Yesterday, Tomorrow, Last Fiscal Quarter,...

New Features

  • Settings Pane: Now you can configure custom settings without ever leaving the app!
  • View CreatedBy/Last Modified By: When editing a rollup, you can now view who created/last modified the rollup and when.
  • View Rollups by Filter: When editing a filter, you can now click a link to display...

New Functionality:

  • Added the ability to schedule a weekly email from the Health Check page so that you can be notified if any issue(s) would be flagged if you visited the page.
  • Links to the Rollup Helper Admin Guide have been added to the app.
  • More information has been added to the app regarding...

New Functionality:  

  • You may now run your Rollups in Real-time in Rollup Helper Free Edition.
  • We have added a section (Update Links) to the in app Rollup Helper Help & FAQ page that includes links that will allow you to check if a new Beta version of Rollup Helper is available as well as links to...


  • We have implemented a ‘Rollup Helper Health Check’ page!  This page can be reached from the Rollup Helper home page and will automatically detect any common Rollup Helper issues that are present in your environment (such as a Rollup that is manual run only) and provide advice for how to...

New Rollup Functionality

  • You now have the ability to rollup negative values.

Performance Improvement

  • Please read the improved resiliency blog post to learn about all of the countless performance improvements to Rollup Helper.
  • Our new Dynamic Asynchronous Processing functionality allows Rollup...