New Rollup Functionality

  • You now have the ability to rollup negative values.

Performance Improvement

  • Please read the improved resiliency blog post to learn about all of the countless performance improvements to Rollup Helper.
  • Our new Dynamic Asynchronous Processing functionality allows Rollup Helper to intelligently identify which real-time jobs should be processed asynchronously.
    • Please note that due to the addition of Dynamic Asynchronous processing, all "hard-locked" object level asynchronous processing will be disabled with this release.
  • Rollup Helper now has intelligent record lock management logic to prevent Rollup Helper jobs from locking each other.

Usability Improvement

  • You can now schedule your rollups to run for all records.
  • Rollup Helper will prevent you from saving a schedule to run too frequently.
  • Rollup Helper will indicate when there is a rollup setting without a schedule that has a date-based rollup filter condition.
  • A new landing page has been added for your convenience.  Now you can easily access all Rollup Helper functionality you need.
  • A new help page has been added that provides tips and answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Text rollups are now separated with a comma AND a space to improve readability.
  • Client access functionality has been added in order to make it simpler to work with Rollup Helper in your code.

Launch Date: New major release expected on or around May 20th, 2016