New Features

  • Create Projects and Milestones In-line with Manage Project Plan on the Program Gantt Chart  (Premium Edition Feature).
  • Create Milestones and Tasks In-line with Manage Project Plan on the Project Gantt Chart (Premium Edition Feature).
  • View Milestone and Task Hours Estimates on the Time Entry Grid (Premium Edition Feature).
  • Disable Milestone Deadline Population: A custom setting is now available that will allow a Milestone Deadline to remain blank even when the kickoff date is populated.

Usability and Performance Improvements

  • Tasks can now have blank dates that will not be auto-populated.
  • A checkbox field has been added to hide the Delete checkbox on the Manage Project Plan page.
  • When “Exclude Weekend Work” is checked on a Project, its Milestones will now have it checked as well.

Bug Fixes

  • A concurrency issue where Task names were being switched was resolved.
  • Added validation rule to prevent cyclic predecessor project task relationships (e.g. assigning task 2 to be the predecessor of task 1, while task 1 is already a predecessor of task 2). 
  • Fixed an issue with the summary page displaying a null reference error if a custom setting doesn’t exist.
  • Other miscellaneous Bug Fixes.