• We have implemented a ‘Rollup Helper Health Check’ page!  This page can be reached from the Rollup Helper home page and will automatically detect any common Rollup Helper issues that are present in your environment (such as a Rollup that is manual run only) and provide advice for how to resolve the problem.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • The Help and FAQ tab now links to our Rollup Helper playlist, ensuring that the most recent Rollup Helper video content can always be accessed from within the application.
  • Added help text on the filter creation page & on the ‘Advanced Settings’ section of the Rollup Creation page.
  • Added additional information to the FAQ page.
  • All links on the Edit Rollup page will now open in another tab to prevent any changes on the current page from being lost.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a built-in tolerance on scheduled rollups in order to prevent schedules from shifting when the Hourly Batch Agent fires a few minutes late due to system load.
  • Reduced scope of conversion rate query used by Rollup Helper to prevent too many query rows.
  • Optimized queue dedupe and merge logic.
  • Resolved minor issues relating to email exception functionality.