New Features

  • Settings Pane: Now you can configure custom settings without ever leaving the app!
  • View CreatedBy/Last Modified By: When editing a rollup, you can now view who created/last modified the rollup and when.
  • View Rollups by Filter: When editing a filter, you can now click a link to display all rollups that are currently utilizing the filter being edited.
  • Remove Trailing List Separators: With the Trim Trailing Delimiters option selected, delimiters (example: (-), (,), (;)) will be removed from the end of rolled-up text.

Usability/Performance Improvements

  • Updated the way Boolean logic errors are displayed to provide more clarity.
  • Added the new Rollup Helper lightning app to the All Access permission set.
  • Instead of hiding current/invalid rollup target fields from the target field selection list, all fields will be displayed along with the reason they cannot be used for a rollup (if applicable).
  • Added more details regarding the active Rollup Helper schedule to the mouseover text on the “Scheduled” icon on the All Rollups page.
  • Rollup Helper will now automatically select a default field for Count rollups.
  • Added a warning to the Enable Real Time page to let users know that any values in their rollup fields may be overwritten when the trigger is enabled.
  • The frequency at which PS_Exception__c records are cleaned up is now customizable.
  • Added new links to Enable Real Time from the All Settings and Run pages.
  • Added the ability to override the Rollup Helper Record Scope setting on a per object basis in order to better avoid record locks when a target object has parent records with a high number of child records associated via a lookup relationship.
  • Rollup Label and Description will now default to the label and description of the selected target field.
  • When the Run For All Records checkbox is checked on a schedule, the batch size will now be recalculated immediately.
  • When saving a filter, Rollup Helper will now validate all fields referenced by the filter criterion and notify the user if any of the fields are invalid.
  • Added a warning when a user attempts to deactivate a schedule that appears to be critical to ensuring records stay up to date (rollup not real-time/uses a date-based filter).
  • Added descriptions to the Rollup Helper FAQ for the Run Time icons on the All Rollups page.
  • Adjusted help text on the “Email to Send Exceptions” field in the Rollup Helper settings.
  • Updated the API version for some Rollup Helper classes that referenced old API versions.
  • When selecting objects or fields, the paginate component now shows how many items are in the list as well as what section of items you’re looking at (Ex:  36 - 70 of 90).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical issue that was occurring with max/min rollups when no child records matched filter criteria.
  • Fixed an issue that caused manual rollup runs to sometimes update the same record multiple times if the record scope was very small.
  • Refactored currency logic in order to prevent a null reference from being thrown when chaining currency rollups that incorporate both dated and non-dated rates.
  • Fixed an issue where rollups would not run correctly on delete in a synchronous context.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Unique Values Only to not be enforced for multi-select picklist rollups in some cases.
  • Fixed a “Page not Found” issue that was occurring in lightning.
  • Other minor miscellaneous bug fixes.