New Features

  • Disable Milestone Shifts Caused By Tasks. This setting prevents Milestone dates from automatically changing when Project Task dates are updated.
  • Show Percentage Column on Gantt Chart. You can display the completion percentage of Tasks on Project and Milestone Gantt charts, making it easier to track progress and view status. (Premium Edition)
  • Refresh button on the Time Entry Approval page has been added, allowing you to update time submissions without reloading the entire page! (Premium Edition)
  • Recently approved time can now be viewed by managers on the Time Entry Approval page. (Premium Edition)

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Getting Started tab is now renamed Milestones PM+ Help and updated with a video playlist on how to use the app.
  • The mini page layouts that “pop up” and cover information when hovering over items in Lightning have been removed.
  • Background colors in the Manage Project Plan view of the Gantt chart have been improved to create more distinction between the Project, Milestone, and Task rows. (Premium Edition)
  • When adding new fields to the Manage Project Plan fieldsets, the existing column order will now remain the same. (Premium Edition)
  • When submitting time in the Time Entry grid, the loading text will now be displayed below the button rather than inline and shifting it to the right. (Premium Edition)
  • Restored availability of all objects to be used for Time Entry. (Premium Edition)

Bug Fixes

  • Inability to save time entered on multiple pages has been resolved.
  • Miscalculated total of submitted hours on the Time Entry approval page has been corrected.
  • Other minor miscellaneous bug fixes.