New Features

  • Keep Weekday Duration When Shifting. Prevents the weekday duration from reducing if (1) an item's start date and end date moves the same number of days, (2) Exclude Weekend Work is checked, and (3) total duration (weekdays and weekend days) is unchanged.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Updated API version on classes. This will have a positive effect of eliminating test failures when tests had been performed on all data seen in the org by the test methods.
  • Multiple submitted Time Entry weeks can now be approved consecutively. (Premium Edition)

Bug Fixes

  • Improved accuracy of date shifting logic as it pertains to dragging a Project Task forward on the Gantt chart.  (Premium Edition).
  • End dates will no longer be changed when dragging an item on the Gantt chart to change only the start date. (Premium Edition)
  • Resolved loading issues of Manage Project Plan in Lightning. (Premium Edition)
  • Other minor miscellaneous bug fixes.