New Features

  • Rollup Queue Monitoring: A tab for the Rollup Helper queue has been added.  This tab will allow users to easily monitor their rollup queue and filter by target object.
  • More Pre-canned Date Filters: New pre-canned date filters have been added - Yesterday, Tomorrow, Last Fiscal Quarter, and Last Fiscal Year.
  • Audit a Rollup’s Active Status: Audit information regarding when a rollup’s Active status was last toggled on or off has been added to the System Information section of the rollup edit page.
  • Content Document Rollups: Support for validation of ContentDocumentLink rollups has been added.  Rollup Helper should no longer mistakenly throw errors when validating a ContentDocumentLink-sourced rollup.

Usability/Performance Improvements

  • Rollup Helper has been updated to leverage the new Salesforce lightning stylesheet resource in order to support lightning branding.  
  • Changes were made to the asynchronous processing and realtime disablement functionality.  Enabling asynchronous processing or disabling realtime will no longer cause extra queries to be run during Rollup Helper execution.  Additionally, scripts will no longer be necessary to toggle asynchronous processing or realtime disablement.  You can simply visit the “Enable Realtime Rollups” page and check the appropriate checkbox.
    • Note: the Force Asynchronous box should be used sparingly and primarily is used as a troubleshooting step when experiencing governor limit issues and more preferable methods have already been attempted. For assistance, please contact:
  • Improvements were made to prevent an UnexpectedException: null error when attempting to abort an ad-hoc batch agent job.

Bug Fixes

  • Minor miscellaneous bug fixes including:
    • Filter criteria for MAX rollups
    • Exporting rollup schedules
    • Enable realtime duplicate trigger deployment
    • Field creation for task/event