New Features

  • Automatically populate an Individual lookup: Lookup Helper now supports the new Individual object. Whether you are using Individual for GDPR compliance, or another business case, you can populate a lookup field from Lead, Contact or any other object automatically.
  • Lookup Helper Health Check: With Health Check, you can view potential issues with Lookup Helper Settings along with the Risk Level, Issue Summary and recommended Action to take.
  • Real-time lookups for orgs that cannot deploy Apex: Support is now available for real-time lookup settings in orgs that are not able to deploy Apex code. Please email for assistance.
  • Schedules for lookup settings: Lookup Helper settings can now be scheduled to run in addition to real-time and manual runs.
  • Easily create multiple Lookup Helper settings: A "Save and New" button has been added to the Lookup Helper setting creation page.
  • View Lookup Helper Errors: A new error view was added in the new Home Page menu so that there is a centralized location where you can go to view all errors that Lookup Helper has encountered.
  • Monitor and Automatically Correct Lookup Helper Exceptions: Exception monitor functionality has been added to automatically correct certain error conditions and alert a specified user when errors have occurred.

Performance and Usability Improvements

  • Several UI improvements have been included in this version as part of the implementation of our new User Experience. This includes a new home-page to provide easy access to:
    • Create a New Lookup
    • View Existing Lookups
    • Enable Real Time
    • View Lookup Helper Errors
    • Help and FAQs
    • Get Help from the Community
    • Browse Use Cases
    • Get Custom Dev for your Org
    • Contact Support
    • Access Release Notes
    • Access the Admin Guide
  • Adjusted error logging logic to log significantly fewer individual error records with the same error message.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue with manual runs was resolved where duplicate category records were sometimes created.
  • Lookup settings using formula fields as a source should always run, regardless of any changes to the formula field value.
  • Other various minor bug fixes/efficiency improvements.